Sunday, November 9, 2008

TRAWvelling on the Road

Raw on the Road.  I got a crash (not literally) course in this during our summer vacation.

Here are some things that I did in order to stay raw on the road:
Buy a great cooler

Bring along my juicer (if at all possible) and for sure I bring along the blender

Google the places we will be driving through.  I look for juice bars, raw food restaurants, vegan restaurants, farmer's markets and organic stores to shop at.

Pre make a number of my favourite recipes to pack up and bring along.  Dressings and desserts are my favourite to pre make.

Nuts and dried fruit packed and ready to go.

Lots of fresh fruit!  

We went on three road trips this summer.  Our first was to Vernon, B.C.  for four days.  After only three days at home, it was off to Powell River, B.C.  Lastly we travelled for nine days through the interior of B.C. over the Rocky Mountains to Calgary and eventually Drumheller, Alberta.  It was much easier to be successful than I had originally thought.  It just took a little planning on my part.

Let's start with Vernon, B.C.

I ate prepared foods and fruit during our drive up.  The universe aligned for me in that our motel was walking distance from a Booster Juice.  I did not have my juicer on this trip so I was thrilled to have a place with wheat grass juice and other juices so close.  The first day I arrived there to get my juice, their juicer broke!  It would be out of service until further notice.  At least I had a wheatgrass juice.  The second day I came in and they were out of wheatgrass!  So that was the end of that!  

I did get a chance to use my blender though.  Vernon has an amazing farmer's market, it's huge! We got greens, organic fruits and I was blending my lunches up with green smoothies.  So great.  I ate salads mostly in the evenings and some nuts/simple veg and fruits for snacks.  I did not do any eating out there.

Powell River, B.C.:

Five hours, two ferry rides and about 2 hours on the actual road.  Again, I did the pre pack of many items like I listed above so that I could be able to eat on the road.  Once in Powell River I knew that I would be set up for juices as there's Big Robbies Hemp Products and Juice Bar.  His address is 4691 Marine Ave. and the phone number is 604-485-7671.  They have a wide variety of juices as well as wheatgrass juice.  Shop for some great hemp clothing while you sip on your drink.

I was able to blend foods for meals and eat salads for dinner with prepared dressings I had made.  Again, easier than I thought!

Road Trip to Drumheller, AB:

Here's where things got a little more tricky!  More on that next time...

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