Monday, August 31, 2009

Oh My - Onion News Network

Now I know why they call it the Onion News Network, I laughed so hard, I cried!

Friday, August 28, 2009

The Blue Zones

Now here's a video explaining the book I'm about to read, it's called "The Blue Zones". I would like to create a Blue Zone in my home, why don't you?! Tell me what you think. I'll periodically talk here about changes I'm making to my daily rituals, to incorporate some of this information.

Take a listen:

Thursday, August 20, 2009

Holy HOT Batman!

It's smokin' hot here today. I've been sweating like crazy in the house getting things tidied up so we can leave on Sunday for our camping vacation. Another short one but it is in the desert part of British Columbia so it will be even hotter than here on the coast!

We've been eating out of the garden a lot lately, it's so incredible just to pick through and eat tomatoes and greens and carrots that grew right here. We're very proud of our little garden!

Today I ate:

32 oz. lemon water
16 oz. water with Vitamineral Green
32oz. Green juice: chard, celery, cucumber, parsley, collard greens, lemon - every time I drink a green juice, it's like coming home. Since I did the 32 day juice fast two years ago this September I always love drinking them and thinking about that time.

Banana Mash:
1 banana
1 tbsp. dried coconut
1 tbsp. pecan butter
1 tbsp. agave
1 tbsp. raisins

Put in bowl and mash it all together. I ate this for energy for when I went to bootcamp. Ended up resting on the couch with my daughter, lost track of time and did not make it to bootcamp!

Corn Salad on Kale

Chia/buckwheat Pudding:
1 date
1 tsp. cinnamon
Dash or so of nutmeg
1 banana
10 hazelnuts
1 cup water

Blend in a blender and pour over 1/3 cup of sprouted buckwheat/chia mix.


ps. David Wolfe is coming to Vancouver in October for the Body, Soul and Spirit Expo...check out the details here.

Monday, August 17, 2009

Brian Clement Lecture

Impressive of course! LOVED all he had to say and YES, Penni he was in his suit and looked quite dapper indeed. He is a lot funnier than I would have guessed, and had us laughing throughout the lecture. I wore my "mango addict" t-shirts and a number of people loved it. I also had a bag that says "green" in all sorts of languages...had a guy ask me to take my photo as he loved the message on the bag and my shirt and the greens and all that...and I was just waiting in line to get in! Talk about a great start!

I wish I could have eaten, there were all sorts of vendors who were touting their wares and here I am on a water fasting day! Anyhow I ended up purchasing a spiralizer like the one that I saw the Hoppa's using. How much did you all pay for that? Not sure I got a great deal, but it looks so much easier to use than the one that I have currently so we'll give it a try! Even got a free zucchini to go along with it from the supplier's garden! :) She's taken Alyssa Cohen's course and sells these to her clients etc.

Back to the man of the hour - or two hours - Brian Clement.

Let's see if I can summarize some of what he talked about.

Three things you need to do in order to live the life you want:

1. Do what you LOVE.
2. Live with integrity, eat pure, exercise, and connect with the universe and/or God.
3. Contribute - giving is the only way to true's what we're here to do.

You have to be happy with yourself first. You have to believe that you deserve health. Disease is a state of mind.
Call your mothers and thank them for everything, mothers are so important...heal that relationship if you do not have a good one at the moment!

Life is a Process, every second you can choose to do something BIG, most of us choose to do nothing or do something small and manageable. Choose BIG! Penni did and now look at us! Ripple effect!

One of the biggest things I took from his lecture tonight is this:


Why eat Raw Food? H.O.P.E.

H = Hormones - messengers, cellular communication found only in raw foods, cooked no longer has them. Hormones balanced means happy person.

O = Oxygen - Food based oxygen, helps raise hemoglobin, regulates metabolism, plays role in nutrient ingestion. He wants to write a book, Eat Oxygen, Get Skinny. Raise your levels of oxygen and you'll lose weight. Get it from raw and living foods. Get it through proper breathing. Get it through exercise! If there is enough oxygen in the body, cancer cannot exist.

P = Phytochemicals - protect body from disease, can destroy disease, some good places to get this are:

Wheatgrass, speltgrass, kamut, barley grass, millet, amaranth, buckwheat, broccoli, garlic, onion sprouts, sprouts of all sorts.

E = Enzymes - allow and enhance body's electric abilities, we're all energy, from the moment of conception (A Life is Born - was a movie he said everyone should watch, shows this electrical start we all came from) to the moment we decompose, we are energy.

Finally he states that with Antioxidants, vitamins, minerals and trace minerals, protein, electrical enzymes ingested in a raw and natural form is the best way to live longer, as is eating less...over time, don't rush it. Constant steps forward. Keep learning as changes happen, embrace change and continue on your path.

Take 100% responsibility. Those who come to HHI who heal are people who are willing to do it themselves, not give themselves over to others in order to be healed.

Supplements he suggests for sure are:
Algae - fixes DNA
Enzymes - he takes 20/day!

Some may benefit from:
ginsing or gotacola (the second one is a female ginsing? Not sure on the spelling) Also Summa.
Stabilized oxygen
Sodium or sliver nitrate when you are on planes
Rescue Remedy in purse at all times!
Cayenne helps circulation and emulsifies lipids.

If you ever go to Hippocrates, they follow you for LIFE. They always get updates from you and will keep a file on you for years to come. This helps them in their research for long term. It's a great idea as both you and they benefit!

I now want to take not only their three week program, but the three month one! Time to start savin'!

I hope that my notes make some sense to you all! I sure am glad I made the trip out and took the time to go.

I only drank water and lemon water all day today, so nothing to report for eating.
Feeling full of energy! Big, busy day tomorrow! Night all! Oh, I'll post a photo as well!

Tuesday, August 11, 2009

Been a While!

Well, back from camping and leaving again soon for another camping trip but had to catch you up to speed on my trip to Victoria! It was great, family time and blissful eating time at the raw food cafe called Cafe Bliss. If you want to see there website, click here.

I feasted for four days! It was purely amazing food and the people were great.

Here's what I wrote for the RFR group:

I have not been able to blog for a while here! I have missed it! When I was camping the internet became sketchy and I figured it was the universe telling me to enjoy the moment and do the computer stuff when I got home.

I ate raw gourmet while I was away. I did smoothies and juices for the first four days of the week last week. I blended all my food for the trip over on the ferry and the drive. It was perfect. I had all my jars ready to go. Smoothie for breakfast, smoothie for lunch, smoothie for dinner - which was good because we missed the open hours for the raw food cafe!

Then on Friday I had berries for breakfast, and a smoothie for brunch! We went to Cafe Bliss ( for lunch. I had this for lunch:

Creamy Green Smoothie:
pear, apple, orange, almond ylk, hemp hearts, Vitamineral Green, Bee pollen tocotrienols, maca, lucuma and vanilla
I LOVED IT! I'll have to play with it and make my own, it was a great start to the meal while I waited for my salad and cracker plate.

Summer Salad:
Made with locally sourced, fresh ingredients that are in season. There was lettuce, sunflower sprouts, blueberries, and a few other things I can't remember five days later. It had a lemon tahini dressing.

Baja cracker plate:

Yam crackers served with guacamole, cashew-macademia sour cream, and fresh cut salsa.

I had this cracker plate each day it was SO good! LOVE it!

Had a lemon bar for dessert. More food in one sitting than I've eaten this whole 10 weeks! :)

So the whole time I'm sitting there with my mom for lunch, there is this guy who I kept making eye contact with. I thought he seemed familiar and he and I had some talk at the "raw stuff" area where they sold items like kelp noodles (got some) clear agave (got some) and jungle peanuts (got me some of those too!) along with lots of other great items. Afterwards when my husband and dad and kids came by, they got talking to this guy and his friends - our sons made fast friends on the side walk outside. James introduced me to all of them - visiting from the States he said. He also mentioned that this guy Bruce does classes and travels talking about raw foods. I said Bruce Horowitz? He laughed and said "Ya". His friends were impressed I knew who he was. When I wanted to get a photo with him they all laughed and told him he was a celebrity now! :) I'll post that photo later for sure!

I then ordered these things to go, for later at the campsite:

Hawaiian Pizza - buckwheat no other Hawaiian pizza I've ever had!
The Baja cracker plate which I shared with the family.
Lemon Square
For my snack (like I needed one!!) I had a Mylk Shake, orange creamsicle

I felt light, great and NOT like I'd eaten that much in one day, for sure! Good thing I'd done smoothies during the first part of the week for this feasting! Food Feasting I'll call it!

We walked a LOT that day which also helped burn off any extra food intake. We saw the Miniature World, Undersea Gardens and I even bumped into an old College friend - and didn't feel embarrassed to see him as I am no longer overweight. In fact I hope he tells his brother that I look great, the last time I saw his brother he tried to pretend he didn't know me and then asked if I was pregnant! (I did have a five month old at home, but it still hurt!)

Saturday August 8th:

Fruit bowl for breakfast.

Another feast at the raw food cafe, after walking downtown Victoria for a while. We saw an amazing castle, and can't believe that people used to live like that. I also can't believe how well made everything was...we are all about quantity these days and not quality!

My daughter chose to eat with me today instead of getting Mexican food with her daddy and brother. She said she would rather eat the raw food for lunch.

I must continue this later as I have to take the kids to swimming lessons! Back soon!

OK, back at it here. I have some photos to upload as well before bed tonight. Burning the midnight coconut oil!
Just finished the questionnaire as well so will post that separately.

Now, where was I? Ah yes, lunch on Saturday at Cafe Bliss:

Baja cracker plate
Bliss Salad
Creamy green smoothie

My daughter had the Kids' plate:
You get choices of crackers with any three of these carrot sticks, celery sticks, cucumber slices, avocado slices, cherry tomatoes, almonds and raisis, olives, apple or orange slices, berries. She chose the yam crackers, with avocado, cherry tomatoes, and olives. Sprouts came on the side and she loved that too! Go girl!

One sad note here...I was chewing on pitted olives when I crunched down on something hard - half of my tooth cracked off. I mean it, a whole half a tooth. It's a tooth that was on it's way out, and I've been putting off the dentist but holy crap, I could not believe I didn't feel a thing. This tooth would have probably been gone long ago but I really do believe that raw foods have helped me keep it just that much longer. No infections either. Probiotics and salt water rinses have helped to keep that away too. Luckily.

Took for dinner:

Baja Cracker plate
Bliss Pizza
Goji Creamsicle: almond mylk, pear orange, goji berries and vanilla.

Also had fruit salad...after all that and had an attack of the gassey in the evening. It was terrible. I NEVER eat fruit after a meal anymore...and will continue that after this episode. I did not like having to get up in the middle of the night to go to the washroom in the dark!

Sunday, August 9th:

Checked out some outdoor stores in the morning. Mountain Equipment Coop is across the street from you guessed it, another day of great prepared food!

Got a green lemonade - cucumber apple lemon and kale to start
Creamy Green smoothie for the road.
Baja cracker plate for lunch
Had dinner at home, just a blender drink. Seemed to pale in comparison!

Monday August 10th -
Lemon water in a.m. - 2 cups
smoothie - blueberries, banana, greens - 5 cups worth but drank 1 cup for breakfast, 2 cups for lunch and another 2 cups for a snack...we were out all day long.
Dinner - nut butter - pecan and some honey with hemp seeds and flax.

Tuesday August 11th -
lemon water in a.m. - 2 cups
2 cups water with 1 tbsp. Vitamineral Green
1/2 pound of cherries.
1 litre of water.
2 tbsp. pecan butter.

Feeling a little bloated today. Will be eating very lightly the next few days...juicing and blending and lemon water and vitamineral green and some chlorophyll in the water. Somewhat nervous about a tooth being root is being reabsorbed by my body...said he'd never seen anything like it and wondered why I didn't experience any pain. When I went in he noticed that it was more involved than he thought and now I have to have half a tooth for another month - he leaves on holiday tomorrow!! All well, he says that no pain, no infection, means it will be ok and just to keep it clean. I certainly will!

An interesting day to say the least! Now I'm off to add photos of our trip and Cafe Bliss!

Wednesday, August 5, 2009

Day Two Smoothies and Juices

Forgot to publish this last night...

Loving this smoothie and juices beginning to my week. It's so freeing when you aren't really focussed on food! It's been more smoothies than anything else today.

16 oz. lemon water
Rebounder for a little bit - finding my knee hurts a little when I rebound every day...anyone else have that issue? Suggestions to help it? I rebound barefoot, so possibly I need shoes on? I thought rebounders were supposed to be better on the knees than running, and I run without a problem?!


Frozen banana and cherry smoothie - it was more like ice cream it was so thick!

Dinner: Pumpkin Pie Soup. Delicious! Half the recipe made about 4 cups of soup.

Bootcamp for one hour, it was a great workout this evening.

Drank about 2 litres so far today but will be drinking some tea and water this evening as well.

There are some detox type things happening for me. The pasty tongue is there, bad breath in the morning (could also be the garlic from last night's soup!) no body odor, a little moody, but not hungry much and eating only when I am hungry.

Better energy though, we'll have to see about the weight loss, I'm up a couple pounds today?! Seems weird as I'm eating less and much better! I'll give it some time to settle as I'd had too many raw macaroons this weekend!

Enjoy the night!

Off on an Adventure!

Hey all,

I'm off tomorrow, bright and early to catch a ferry to Vancouver Island. Camping with the family! There's also a raw food retreat up in Courntney further up the island. It's being sponsered by Raw BC, and the Raw Family, the Boutenkos are the ones putting on the event. I hear that Ann Marie Gianni is also up there! So close but yet so far away! (3 hour drive...that's after the six hours it takes to get to the island!)

So I'm going to rev my engine - my Vitamix engine early tomorrow to make up some smoothies and such so that I am taken care of on the road. I also have lots of fruit to nibble on as well. I have a few nut bars etc, (not including family) and some other staples - greens in the cooler, nut butters, and no nuts and seeds...why you may ask? I will eat way too much fat if I take nuts and seeds!

I have also researched around and found a few raw option cafe's and juice bars as well as Cafe Bliss which is an all raw affair! Can't wait to try them all out. I will take my camera/video camera with me and give you updates when I return.

Here's what I put in my tummy today:

2.5 litres water.

Raw Instant Breakfast:

Coconut water and meat
1 tbsp. chia seed
1 tbsp. honey
1 tsp. vanilla
1 heaping tsp. cacao

Very filling. More like a brunch! Made about 3 cups.


1 banana
2 peaches
3+ cups of spinach

Delicious! (made 5 cups) Shared with my mother in love, one cup. She enjoyed it.

Snack - Pumpkin Pie Soup, made fresh, but it's the
same as yesterday, used the rest of the yam. Made about 4 cups. Shared half a cup with my mother in love. She liked it a lot! I ate it again before I could take a photo. It is such a brilliant orange. I'm going to start turning orange if I consume this daily!


1 lb. strawberries
4 brazil nuts
1 tbsp. hemp
1 date
1.5 cups water

Delicious, really thick! Milkshake consistency. Would have liked it colder, but it was awesome. I like to use brazil nuts every once in a while to increase selenium! Make sure you don't overdo brazil nuts, too much of a good thing is not always better!

My activity here will be lessened while camping but will be back in full force Sunday night!

Sunday, August 2, 2009

Bright and Early

This is a photo of my garden...
So last night around midnight, I wrote that I wanted to start getting up earlier, and going to bed earlier. Well this morning I woke up at 6am to a little guy crying hard about a nightmare...and never went back to sleep. Because I could not sleep I decided that no time like the present to start getting up earlier. Now I will just have to work on the getting to bed earlier idea!

I had time this morning to do lots! I took some photos of my garden and posted them, I entered the David Suzuki Digs My Garden Contest. It's all about gardening without chemicals.

Here's what I wrote:


I am a gardening newbie! This is the first year I have had a garden, but in fact I have two! I'm a teacher at a local middle school and a raw food enthusiast who wants everyone in our community to know that our food can grow without pesticides or other harmful chemicals! My students and I began a garden at our school this year, and have three boxes growing there with potatoes, lettuce, amaranth, chard, lemon balm, and some herbs. At home I was inspired to do a whole backyard makeover and create an edible landscape. I've planted cranberries, fig trees, apple trees, a kiwi tree, and logan berries, and herbs along with two garden boxes full of squash, corn, kale, carrots, tomatoes, onions and beets. The compost bin is also a new addition and we look forward to using it's mineral rich soil next year!

Thank you for considering our garden(s)!

Melinda Gill
(Voluminous Vegetables Entry)

I sent in the photo of my veggie garden. I could win a cool t-shirt, or a David Suzuki Garden Gnome! I also found this video on his website, and though it was suitable for this group! I'll try to embed it here:

So far today I've had some lemon water! Live your day with JOY!

Saturday, August 1, 2009

Cooling Off

We were in the high 20's today...that's about 82 degrees for you guys south of the border. Much more agreeable for everyone!

Today I had a bowl of strawberries and blueberries for breakfast.

Cherry "Rawcia" for lunch

Hulk sauce for snack

BIG bowl of melon for dinner - watermelon, cantaloup, and honeydew. Followed by a spicy thai salad...all of it was raw except for a few corn kernels that may have gone into my mouth. I tried to dodge them as the dressing was raw!

Snacked on some pineapple later in the evening. Ate late tonight...9pm stopped.

1 glass of white wine.

Hey, I've been meaning to ask all along, if there is anyone on Facebook? I've got Penni on mine but wondered if anyone else wanted an add? I'm at Melinda Howlett Gill. I'm also on Twitter: @thriveonlive feel free to add me! You're all so supportive and great friends in and around here!

Socializing, got a little razzed about how I'm eating at one party, at the other party, a nutritionist wants to connect with me regarding her research into raw foods. Very cool!

How are everyone's sleep patterns? I find I am just not tired at night. I'm wanting to get more into waking early and doing my work then while everyone sleeps. I find I'm more of a night owl and need to switch my timing. I have to make a conscious decision to go to bed each night. I'd like to be tired so maybe if I start getting up at 5am my body will tell me to get to sleep at 10pm. I find 7 to 8 hours is optimal but can work just fine on 5 or 6 without a problem. I just want to give my body what it needs. You?

Drivin' Miss Crazy


Started off the day great. Drank a litre of water, got the kids to swimming lessons. Dodged the wasps once more at the pool - I had a minor allergic reaction the last two times I've was stung. Swelling that I had to use antihistamines for. That was 20 years ago and 10 years ago. I've always carried an epi pen since the second swelling incident but haven't been stung in ten years. I am wondering if I'd even have a reaction now, after being 2.5 years high raw. Anyone have info on this? Experienced anything like reduced histamine responses to previous allergens?

Then I was supposed to make my Tour De Fraab video while the kids were at bike camp this afternoon and instead I spent it on the road. First getting them there took a half hour longer than usual due to a stalled vehicle. Forgot their helmets so had to go another route home and retrieve that. Then to do errands for my hubby and got into that traffic mess again. Long weekend up here so roads were super bad. In the end I didn't get to do the video. Have some time on the weekend and will do it then. I've so enjoyed the others and want to be able to offer one as well. I needed an attitude adjustment this afternoon for sure. I could have reacted calmly but instead got myself worked up! I was better after 3pm. :)

Today I ate:

Cherry Rawcia (you know, like the Cherry Garcia of Ben and Jerry's) - I made my own version up. I have these incredible organic cherries and they are SO juicy. Put the banana through the Champion juicer to make the ice cream.

2 frozen bananas
1 cup cherries (to put on top)
1 tbsp. raw cacao
1 tbsp. raw agave

Put bananas through juicer. Pit the cherries and put them on top of ice cream. Mix cacao and agave in separate bowl and spoon over the ice cream.

Pure decadence. This is the photo above. The green bowl of yum is Hulk Sauce, had that yesterday.

Late lunch, after that breakfast I was not hungry until 2pm!

1 cup blueberries
1 cup strawberries
1/2 a cucumber


HUGE salad at Sweet Cherubim. Local vegetarian/vegan/raw options restaurant. Had the "California Salad"
green cabbage
purple cabbage
sunflower seeds
pumpkin seeds

with Tahini ginger dressing - also raw. YUM.

It was SO filling. But of course there was the dessert option! Raw Raspberry cake. Not sure of the ingredients, but for sure raspberries, sunflower seeds, apples and kiwi. I could not make out anything else but it was GOOD.

Got a bliss ball for tomorrow as well.

I'm stuffed still and it's midnight here on the west coast!'

Also drank 3 litres of water today. I'm trying to up my water intake as my weight seems to be going up again and I've been eating really lightly this last week (other than today of course!) Looking at doing one of the cleanses in the next weeks.

Bliss out!