Tuesday, August 11, 2009

Been a While!

Well, back from camping and leaving again soon for another camping trip but had to catch you up to speed on my trip to Victoria! It was great, family time and blissful eating time at the raw food cafe called Cafe Bliss. If you want to see there website, click here.

I feasted for four days! It was purely amazing food and the people were great.

Here's what I wrote for the RFR group:

I have not been able to blog for a while here! I have missed it! When I was camping the internet became sketchy and I figured it was the universe telling me to enjoy the moment and do the computer stuff when I got home.

I ate raw gourmet while I was away. I did smoothies and juices for the first four days of the week last week. I blended all my food for the trip over on the ferry and the drive. It was perfect. I had all my jars ready to go. Smoothie for breakfast, smoothie for lunch, smoothie for dinner - which was good because we missed the open hours for the raw food cafe!

Then on Friday I had berries for breakfast, and a smoothie for brunch! We went to Cafe Bliss (http://www.cafebliss.ca/) for lunch. I had this for lunch:

Creamy Green Smoothie:
pear, apple, orange, almond ylk, hemp hearts, Vitamineral Green, Bee pollen tocotrienols, maca, lucuma and vanilla
I LOVED IT! I'll have to play with it and make my own, it was a great start to the meal while I waited for my salad and cracker plate.

Summer Salad:
Made with locally sourced, fresh ingredients that are in season. There was lettuce, sunflower sprouts, blueberries, and a few other things I can't remember five days later. It had a lemon tahini dressing.

Baja cracker plate:

Yam crackers served with guacamole, cashew-macademia sour cream, and fresh cut salsa.

I had this cracker plate each day it was SO good! LOVE it!

Had a lemon bar for dessert. More food in one sitting than I've eaten this whole 10 weeks! :)

So the whole time I'm sitting there with my mom for lunch, there is this guy who I kept making eye contact with. I thought he seemed familiar and he and I had some talk at the "raw stuff" area where they sold items like kelp noodles (got some) clear agave (got some) and jungle peanuts (got me some of those too!) along with lots of other great items. Afterwards when my husband and dad and kids came by, they got talking to this guy and his friends - our sons made fast friends on the side walk outside. James introduced me to all of them - visiting from the States he said. He also mentioned that this guy Bruce does classes and travels talking about raw foods. I said Bruce Horowitz? He laughed and said "Ya". His friends were impressed I knew who he was. When I wanted to get a photo with him they all laughed and told him he was a celebrity now! :) I'll post that photo later for sure!

I then ordered these things to go, for later at the campsite:

Hawaiian Pizza - buckwheat crust...like no other Hawaiian pizza I've ever had!
The Baja cracker plate which I shared with the family.
Lemon Square
For my snack (like I needed one!!) I had a Mylk Shake, orange creamsicle

I felt light, great and NOT like I'd eaten that much in one day, for sure! Good thing I'd done smoothies during the first part of the week for this feasting! Food Feasting I'll call it!

We walked a LOT that day which also helped burn off any extra food intake. We saw the Miniature World, Undersea Gardens and I even bumped into an old College friend - and didn't feel embarrassed to see him as I am no longer overweight. In fact I hope he tells his brother that I look great, the last time I saw his brother he tried to pretend he didn't know me and then asked if I was pregnant! (I did have a five month old at home, but it still hurt!)

Saturday August 8th:

Fruit bowl for breakfast.

Another feast at the raw food cafe, after walking downtown Victoria for a while. We saw an amazing castle, and can't believe that people used to live like that. I also can't believe how well made everything was...we are all about quantity these days and not quality!

My daughter chose to eat with me today instead of getting Mexican food with her daddy and brother. She said she would rather eat the raw food for lunch.

I must continue this later as I have to take the kids to swimming lessons! Back soon!

OK, back at it here. I have some photos to upload as well before bed tonight. Burning the midnight coconut oil!
Just finished the questionnaire as well so will post that separately.

Now, where was I? Ah yes, lunch on Saturday at Cafe Bliss:

Baja cracker plate
Bliss Salad
Creamy green smoothie

My daughter had the Kids' plate:
You get choices of crackers with any three of these carrot sticks, celery sticks, cucumber slices, avocado slices, cherry tomatoes, almonds and raisis, olives, apple or orange slices, berries. She chose the yam crackers, with avocado, cherry tomatoes, and olives. Sprouts came on the side and she loved that too! Go girl!

One sad note here...I was chewing on pitted olives when I crunched down on something hard - half of my tooth cracked off. I mean it, a whole half a tooth. It's a tooth that was on it's way out, and I've been putting off the dentist but holy crap, I could not believe I didn't feel a thing. This tooth would have probably been gone long ago but I really do believe that raw foods have helped me keep it just that much longer. No infections either. Probiotics and salt water rinses have helped to keep that away too. Luckily.

Took for dinner:

Baja Cracker plate
Bliss Pizza
Goji Creamsicle: almond mylk, pear orange, goji berries and vanilla.

Also had fruit salad...after all that and had an attack of the gassey in the evening. It was terrible. I NEVER eat fruit after a meal anymore...and will continue that after this episode. I did not like having to get up in the middle of the night to go to the washroom in the dark!

Sunday, August 9th:

Checked out some outdoor stores in the morning. Mountain Equipment Coop is across the street from Bliss...so you guessed it, another day of great prepared food!

Got a green lemonade - cucumber apple lemon and kale to start
Creamy Green smoothie for the road.
Baja cracker plate for lunch
Had dinner at home, just a blender drink. Seemed to pale in comparison!

Monday August 10th -
Lemon water in a.m. - 2 cups
smoothie - blueberries, banana, greens - 5 cups worth but drank 1 cup for breakfast, 2 cups for lunch and another 2 cups for a snack...we were out all day long.
Dinner - nut butter - pecan and some honey with hemp seeds and flax.

Tuesday August 11th -
lemon water in a.m. - 2 cups
2 cups water with 1 tbsp. Vitamineral Green
1/2 pound of cherries.
1 litre of water.
2 tbsp. pecan butter.

Feeling a little bloated today. Will be eating very lightly the next few days...juicing and blending and lemon water and vitamineral green and some chlorophyll in the water. Somewhat nervous about a tooth being pulled...my root is being reabsorbed by my body...said he'd never seen anything like it and wondered why I didn't experience any pain. When I went in he noticed that it was more involved than he thought and now I have to have half a tooth for another month - he leaves on holiday tomorrow!! All well, he says that no pain, no infection, means it will be ok and just to keep it clean. I certainly will!

An interesting day to say the least! Now I'm off to add photos of our trip and Cafe Bliss!

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