Monday, December 29, 2008

Do you see any happy people?

We were at the mall today, picking up items with our various gift cards from Christmas. We didn't get too far when the kids got hungry and we stopped for something to eat. It is extremely difficult for anyone to find healthy food in a mall food court, but if you search it out, there are some healthy choices. I like to get a fresh salad, with lemons as my dressing, or else you can get a Booster Juice; my favourite is the Green Hornet, with parsley, spinach, celery and carrots. I do find that they put in too many carrots, but it's the greenest offering on the menu other than the wheat grass shots. So usually I have a shot of wheat grass then follow it with a Green Hornet.

While we were sitting there, I smiled, thinking about what most people were ingesting and hoping that one day they too would see what these food choices were doing to them. For example, I asked my husband: Do you see any happy people? Here we are in the middle of the holiday season, and everyone looked angry, sad, disappointed, or indifferent. They were there with their families, the most important people in their lives. They were probably buying stuff they really felt they needed or wanted. They probably just got a bunch of stuff as well, and they think that maybe buying more will help them find the happiness they are searching for.

The only people I heard laughing - rather loudly at that - were two groups of people. One group was a number of people who obviously had mental challenges, yet they were super happy and laughing about something. Even with all their challenges, they were SO happy and showing it. Then there were two girls, walking along laughing really loudly about something one of them just said. EVERYONE else was in some sort of negative emotion. I found that rather sad myself, but feeling so happy and blessed at that moment, let the sad feeling be felt and pass.

While eating raw and living foods, I have never felt so alive, and happy in my entire life. The moment I eat anything that doesn't fall under that category, I begin to see fear, anger and sadness re-enter the picture. If everyone would just eat better, the billions of dollars we spend on shopping therapy, drug therapy and other therapies would slowly decline, I am absolutely sure about it!

Here's to a healthy and happy New Years for you and your family. We'll talk more about resolutions next blog entry...I'm working on a few, to be sure, but this year I am looking at them more as goals, instead of resolutions. I'll explain next entry!

Eat raw, live well (and happy)

Saturday, December 27, 2008

Christmas Presents

What an amazing holiday season. We are so blessed in our family and our children are certainly spoiled. They are the only grandkids on both sides of the family and they were very fortunate to get some incredible gifts. My personal favourite was a gift that will not clutter the house and that they are super excited about asking each day if we can go...a visit to the Planetarium here in Vancouver. They have never been and outer space is a place they both love and want to see more of.

Anyhow, my husband is always worried about what to get me at Christmas. He knew that I spent my winnings (from an office pool) on a new digital camera, but wasn't sure what HE could get me. He is so worried that I may not like it and be thrilled. This year though, he was super excited about the two gifts that he bought me. He would not stop talking about them! So Christmas morning he was so excited to give me my gifts. was a pair of boxing gloves. You may not think this is very romantic, but he got them so that we can work out together on his heavy bag. He's always complaining that he has no one to punch the heavy bag with and that he'd love it if we could work out together. Now that's romantic. :) Hey, they are even girlie pink! :)

Then for the drum roll.....the big present he got me was a bar fridge. Now you may ask yourself, why would he get me a bar fridge, well, here's how he explained it. He wanted to be thoughtful and supportive, he wanted me to have my own space for my raw foods. This was his answer. The logistics, as to where we'd put it came later, but we've since found a mutually agreeable place for it in the family room just on the other side of the kitchen wall. SO, now I have a place to put my nuts in their mason jars, somewhere to put my greens, etc. It's actually a great gift, and one I never would have thought to ask for. It was very thoughtful. Thanks hon!

I was somewhat out of commission with a toe nail that I ripped almost all the way was showing signs of infection, but I think with some hydrogen peroxide bathing it's on it's way to recovering just fine. I also laid in bed last night willing it to heal, sending healing vibes that direction. Power of thought!

Even with all of the foot and a half of snow, we still had our family gatherings, it's nice that we all live so close together. We also managed to get to a party on the 26th that was in our neighbourhood. It's amazing how much snow fell again, another foot! It's been 37 years since we had such a snowfall!! I'd love to be able to play in it all, but my toe has kept me mostly indoors and sitting! I have sat outside, watching the kids LOVE and PLAY in the snow!

It's raining today and we have a slushie out there presently...with more snow expected. Blessings to you and your families.

Stay tuned for some things I've been working on...

Monday, December 22, 2008

-10 degrees and a foot of snow

It's cold. I'm cold. I've been sleeping more with the cold weather. Some sort of hibernation perhaps? Vancouver can get cold, but not usually for this long, and at these temperatures. The snow is blissful though. I LOVE snow and had an amazing time outside with the family today.

I find it funny that in the summer everyone is out and socializing and having a great time. Neighbours are always on the street talking and such. Then the rainy fall season hits and we all begin our winter hibernation. The only time I really see my neighbours in the winter is if we have a gathering - like our annual Solstice Party - or if they have a gathering at their talking on the street and loitering in the driveways and byways of the neighbourhood.

That is until the snow arrives. In Vancouver we get about two to three snowfalls each winter season. In recent years, these snowfalls have stayed a day or two. Last year there was snow on the ground for most of January - I remember in mid February there was still snow when we had a pony party for my daughter and had to walk on it.

This current snowfall - over a foot of the white stuff...has been piling up for over a week now and it's great. Cold temperatures have kept it from melting and we're going to have our first white Christmas in a very long time. How exciting.

I love the snow for the reason that it gets people out of their hiding places inside and forces them to go and shovel, I see neighbours helping each other with their driveways, sidewalks, getting their cars to move over the huge pile of snow the grater left behind. Having a common goal or need brings us together again. The kids are all out in force, sledding, snowballing, building forts or snowmen or huge snow slides. Smiles are on everyone's faces - well mostly everyone! Spirits are up and it's amazing to be outside again. I believe that the more time spent outdoors in the winter, the less chance you have of catching a virus. Of course eating well and staying away from simple sugars is also extremely helpful. How many times do you go socializing and blame someone else for the "cold they gave you". Think back to how you ate at that event, think about what you drank...possibly if you'd refrained from simple sugars and a bunch of alcohol your body wouldn't be having to work so hard to rid itself of the virus that was also present.

Eating simply in the winter is helpful. Staying away from simple sugars, refined flour products, baked goods and the like can be extremely helpful. Most people won't completely refrain, but limiting it as much as possible is going to help you in the long run. If you do get sick, realize it's your body's way of getting things out of the body that it does not want there and be sure to eat and drink simply and it too shall pass (more quickly).

Now, if only I could get my sick husband to listen to this advice. That is another funny thing. I can talk until I'm blue in the face, but unless he hears it from some reputable source on the internet he's not likely to try it. If I could only get Men's Health Magazine to write about it...there's a challenge.

In white winter wonderland, eating my green goodness (current favourite is anything I can stuff into a nori roll!)


Friday, December 19, 2008

Christmas Gifts

As a teacher we sometimes receive gifts for Christmas. I have a lovely stash of candles, mugs, chocolates, etc. Every once in a while you get a gift that really speaks to you, lets you know that the child is taking in what you talk about, knows you well and relays that to his or her parents. Last year it was a gift certificate to Booster Juice, where I can get freshly made juices. This year a family really went out of their way and it was so thoughtful. They were extremely generous in that they gave me a Starbucks gift card (I still get tea there...), a home made bird feeder, and a bath bomb. The part of the gift that really struck me was a home made sprouting jar with a package of seeds in it! Not only have I been talking about the courses I am taking and plans to do this type of thing in my home, but this child is listening and taking it all in as well as talking about it at home. I was really impressed by this as sometimes I wonder if this guy is really listening. Just because they aren't actively listening doesn't mean that they aren't taking it in!

So, I'll keep on talking and who knows what the ripple effect may be.

Here's to making waves.

Eat Raw, Live Well.