Sunday, April 27, 2008



Timely that this suggestion would come today. After the disappointment of the last week and the bladder infection. Today is my birthday. Spirits are up. So what if I had a hiccup in my raw food journey. I've learned a great deal in this last week. As a card I received today says: "The next rock in your path might be a stepping-stone."

So, on the subject of's a new way that I have found to stop the hiccups in the body. Not sure if it's the breathing or the tapping, but it works. One day last week I just did this without even thinking and was surprised at how well it worked. Not only did it work for me this last week, but it also helped me stop my husband's hiccups just a few moments ago!

Sit up, tap on your sternum (chest bone) and breathe in deeply and out deeply while you are tapping. Usually it takes less than a minute to stop them. Mine stop even faster than that.

So, whether it be emotional hiccups, physical hiccups or a hiccup in your day, breathe deeply and know that this too shall pass.

Light, love and hiccups,


Friday, April 25, 2008

How'd this happen?


It's been a while again and this time I am asking for help to anyone who reads this!

This week has been the most disappointing week for me. I got a bladder infection. I have to admit that I was shocked that this happened. Any time I think I may be coming down with something I think positively, knowing that I eat a very high percentage of raw foods and that I will not have to worry about getting sick.

Well, not the case last weekend. I got a bladder infection like I've never had before. Blood in the urine. After watching the show House one too many times, I thought my kidneys were failing. I did have that urinary tract infection feeling, however so rushed to the hospital and of course they put me on antibiotics. I didn't know how else to help myself, so I took them. I didn't take the pain meds and made it through o.k. I want to know if I am in pain as that's an indicator that something's sense in turning that instinct off.

So for the week I have been extremely sad, angry, upset that this happened. No matter who you talk to they all have their opinions as to why something like this comes about...stress is the number one (although my stress levels are probably at their lowest in about four months), then there's what you eat - too many cooling foods - raw - can cause a damp and wet environment in the body, along with cold weather etc. I have been eating a lot of cooling foods this month, especially bananas which are also high in sugar. Candida is another possibility. But what really hits home with me is that all disease is the same, it is a toxic environment that allows it to live. Here I thought I had done a lot of detoxing, and maybe I guess I need to do more and really flush things out.

My body is working to do that, as my period came a week and a half early. My MD figured it was mid month spotting and didn't think it was my body detoxing the terrible medicine that I had put into my body. I think he thinks I have gone off the deep end with this! We also did many tests to see what may be going on inside of me. Specialist appointment...ya, two months down the road. I do NOT want to live this way for two months. I will be adding warming foods to my list of items to eat thanks to some recommendations of a Naturopath doctor named Dr. Rachel Stewart. I have only met her once but like her style. I am trying to keep a positive attitude and know that this is only temporary and that it too shall pass. Eating as well as possible and not eating what may trigger more issues. It's very difficult eating no sugar on a raw food diet. I depend so heavily on fruit and natural sweeteners in my daily diet. I am drawn to avocadoes and other cooling foods. I am drinking tea for now, with cinnamon and cloves - my body loved it. I am also doing some steaming of veggies - just so that they are warm, not really cooked, but probably above the raw standard.

It seems that those that are raw don't get problems like this, or maybe is it because they are hiding any issues that they have due to the fact that most of their livelihoods depend on people purchasing what they have to sell. I'm not sure about this one. I hope that they all lead very healthy lives. I know that every choice I make helps me create the great health I choose to experience.

Anyhow, just some thoughts I felt this week was at the beach in White Rock. It was super windy, very cold (I bundled up!) but so invigorating. It was my favourite experience of the week, that's for sure. Tomorrow it's off to Aaron's Gorilla Foods for a Birthday feast! I can't wait!

Tuesday, April 8, 2008

Day 10 of BES

April is flying by. New fruits and veg are popping up in the organic sections of our local grocery stores and the farmers' markets are getting geared up to begin. This is the time of the year that I have been looking forward to the entire winter long! Mangoes are quickly becoming a favourite staple in our kitchen. Pears too are great!

Green smoothies are tasting better and better every day. It's so much fun when you have this type of choice and variety.

The body enlightenment system is going well. Due to the very low fat factor my cravings and cleansing have gone to a new level...I am craving stuff I haven't had in ages! I have to be honest. I was at the movies and tried popcorn for the first time in a year and almost a half. It tasted horrible. I felt like I was eating cardboard, truly! I will never feel like I am missing anything again when I see or smell popcorn, my body just doesn't have a taste for it anymore.

Usually if I try a cooked food again, sometimes it is heavenly (sweet potato or yam fries-homemade in the oven-are the only things in this category at the moment) and most the time it is like a switch has gone off and told me that really these foods are not nourishing to my body and therefore I no longer actually want to eat some things, even if I crave it. The other reason I won't eat them is that I know for a fact that it makes me feel terribly right away or later on the next day so why put my body through that.

Energy levels are soaring, the house is getting cleaned like never before, projects are starting to come together, other projects are getting done and therefore each day is the best day ever! I've also been listening to a lot of David Wolfe's work and it's inspiring me as well.

Made a raw tabouli like recipe for the family tonight, although it was put over couscous. They also had hummus with celery and carrot sticks as well. They didn't really like the couscous and salad mix but my son loves hummus!! These types of meals are hard to pass up, being vegan but I ate a lot of the salad and felt full and satiated by the end of the meal.

I am going to reorganize the kitchen tonight after I get home from my run. We are tapering now as the event is on the 20th of April. Ten days to go. I am looking forward to it. I ran 10km on Sunday and it was hardly a blip in the radar. Ask me if I could have said that four months ago and I would have laughed at you. I am excited to be able to run and feel good at the end of it. My cardio is amazingly great eating and training the way that I am.

This message is quite long and many things floating through my mind right now and just wanted to get them out on "paper".

I am doing a kitchen gutting - cut throat here...must make room! SPACE!

Stop Preparing Around a Cluttered Environment!
Stop Procrastinating About Cluttered Environment!

Better run, it's going to be a looooong night!

Eat Raw, Live Well!


Tuesday, April 1, 2008

BES - Day 3

Today was a beautiful day! Sunshine always gives me the energy and helps me to feel my happiest.

I had a blender drink of 4 bananas and three cups of water for breakfast. Never thought I'd like it but it was delicious! Add some oranges to that and it'd be like an orange julius!

I was full until lunch time when I had a green smoothie. Chard, celery, strawberries (frozen) two bananas as well as three oranges. It was good!

I went out to Maple Ridge for my colon hydrotherapy and it was a good session with lots of release of old matter! I only wish the session was longer as I know there was more to come out! Then on the way home I checked out Roots, a local organic grocery store. I found it more expensive than Planet Organic, but it did have some things that the "Planet" does not carry regularly. I got some items I would need for my dinner and tomorrow's meals. I ate a snack of one pint of tomatoes.

I really wish I could shop each morning for the day. Can you imagine having fresh local produce each morning? Of course it would be from a farmer's market. I also would have them bring me their weeds for my green smoothies. Wild edibles are a new interest of mine since seeing Sergei Boutenko speak last month. Raw BC organizer, Clive says that they are looking for someone well versed in local wild organic plant life to take us on a hike looking for them. Can't wait.

I ate a huge salad for dinner. Dressing was mango, lemon juice, water and tomatoes blended.
The salad was organic greens mix with grated carrot, and grated zucchini, with the dressing over top. It was not my favourite, but still tasted good.

Trained for the Sun Run. Ran 8 min. walked one min., six times. I felt good, cardio is not a problem as it has been in the past for me. I was out for almost an hour altogether. Did some stretching and my leg seemed fine. My knee bothered me after last Thursday's run, but seemed good today, thank goodness. I think I ran slower without the gang to run with. We'll see how Thursday goes.

Snacking this evening...when I got home after the run I was not hungry until after the kids were in bed. I am trying not to eat past 9pm. I ended up having five dried pineapple rings which are not on the menu plan for our BES. I also added an avocado to my salad, and realized that also was not on the menu until Friday! I must follow it closely to get the type of results they are talking about.

Watched Biggest Loser (a secret that's now out!) and also, while tidying up I watched bits of Barbara Walter's Live to 150 special. Everything was geared towards how science can keep us from aging...pills, operations, cryogenics, etc. Only once did they mention what you put in your mouth and that was the CR diet. A calorie restriction diet where you eat very little, only a couple times a day, if that. The people they interviewed did cook some of their food, looked good for their ages and seemed healthy. Sounds interesting. If you eat a low fat, raw diet I am sure it would fall under this category as well. It's all about not overtaxing the body and letting it do what it must do to heal any ills.

Now it's time for a 15 min. declutter. I can do anything for 15 min. or so my Flylady coach tells me. My family room has been a disaster for at least three months now and it is time to stop thinking and start doing! I need to follow that advice in all areas of my life!!!

Soak up those rays!

Eat Raw, Live Well.