Sunday, April 27, 2008



Timely that this suggestion would come today. After the disappointment of the last week and the bladder infection. Today is my birthday. Spirits are up. So what if I had a hiccup in my raw food journey. I've learned a great deal in this last week. As a card I received today says: "The next rock in your path might be a stepping-stone."

So, on the subject of's a new way that I have found to stop the hiccups in the body. Not sure if it's the breathing or the tapping, but it works. One day last week I just did this without even thinking and was surprised at how well it worked. Not only did it work for me this last week, but it also helped me stop my husband's hiccups just a few moments ago!

Sit up, tap on your sternum (chest bone) and breathe in deeply and out deeply while you are tapping. Usually it takes less than a minute to stop them. Mine stop even faster than that.

So, whether it be emotional hiccups, physical hiccups or a hiccup in your day, breathe deeply and know that this too shall pass.

Light, love and hiccups,



anonymous said...

Melinda! You won the CHI Home Study Course from Jim Carey via The Raw Divas! Contact us with your mail information and to discuss sharing some of your good luck with our readers in the coming months.


Amy & Tera

anonymous said...

Sorry! Contact us!

thriveonlive said...

Oh My Gosh!! I am so excited and thrilled that you have chosen me to win the CHI Home Study Course. I can't wait to get it and study it and pass on the information to anyone who will listen.

Let's sing raw food praises to the world!