Tuesday, April 8, 2008

Day 10 of BES

April is flying by. New fruits and veg are popping up in the organic sections of our local grocery stores and the farmers' markets are getting geared up to begin. This is the time of the year that I have been looking forward to the entire winter long! Mangoes are quickly becoming a favourite staple in our kitchen. Pears too are great!

Green smoothies are tasting better and better every day. It's so much fun when you have this type of choice and variety.

The body enlightenment system is going well. Due to the very low fat factor my cravings and cleansing have gone to a new level...I am craving stuff I haven't had in ages! I have to be honest. I was at the movies and tried popcorn for the first time in a year and almost a half. It tasted horrible. I felt like I was eating cardboard, truly! I will never feel like I am missing anything again when I see or smell popcorn, my body just doesn't have a taste for it anymore.

Usually if I try a cooked food again, sometimes it is heavenly (sweet potato or yam fries-homemade in the oven-are the only things in this category at the moment) and most the time it is like a switch has gone off and told me that really these foods are not nourishing to my body and therefore I no longer actually want to eat some things, even if I crave it. The other reason I won't eat them is that I know for a fact that it makes me feel terribly right away or later on the next day so why put my body through that.

Energy levels are soaring, the house is getting cleaned like never before, projects are starting to come together, other projects are getting done and therefore each day is the best day ever! I've also been listening to a lot of David Wolfe's work and it's inspiring me as well.

Made a raw tabouli like recipe for the family tonight, although it was put over couscous. They also had hummus with celery and carrot sticks as well. They didn't really like the couscous and salad mix but my son loves hummus!! These types of meals are hard to pass up, being vegan but I ate a lot of the salad and felt full and satiated by the end of the meal.

I am going to reorganize the kitchen tonight after I get home from my run. We are tapering now as the event is on the 20th of April. Ten days to go. I am looking forward to it. I ran 10km on Sunday and it was hardly a blip in the radar. Ask me if I could have said that four months ago and I would have laughed at you. I am excited to be able to run and feel good at the end of it. My cardio is amazingly great eating and training the way that I am.

This message is quite long and scattered...so many things floating through my mind right now and just wanted to get them out on "paper".

I am doing a kitchen gutting - cut throat here...must make room! SPACE!

Stop Preparing Around a Cluttered Environment!
Stop Procrastinating About Cluttered Environment!

Better run, it's going to be a looooong night!

Eat Raw, Live Well!


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