Tuesday, April 1, 2008

BES - Day 3

Today was a beautiful day! Sunshine always gives me the energy and helps me to feel my happiest.

I had a blender drink of 4 bananas and three cups of water for breakfast. Never thought I'd like it but it was delicious! Add some oranges to that and it'd be like an orange julius!

I was full until lunch time when I had a green smoothie. Chard, celery, strawberries (frozen) two bananas as well as three oranges. It was good!

I went out to Maple Ridge for my colon hydrotherapy and it was a good session with lots of release of old matter! I only wish the session was longer as I know there was more to come out! Then on the way home I checked out Roots, a local organic grocery store. I found it more expensive than Planet Organic, but it did have some things that the "Planet" does not carry regularly. I got some items I would need for my dinner and tomorrow's meals. I ate a snack of one pint of tomatoes.

I really wish I could shop each morning for the day. Can you imagine having fresh local produce each morning? Of course it would be from a farmer's market. I also would have them bring me their weeds for my green smoothies. Wild edibles are a new interest of mine since seeing Sergei Boutenko speak last month. Raw BC organizer, Clive says that they are looking for someone well versed in local wild organic plant life to take us on a hike looking for them. Can't wait.

I ate a huge salad for dinner. Dressing was mango, lemon juice, water and tomatoes blended.
The salad was organic greens mix with grated carrot, and grated zucchini, with the dressing over top. It was not my favourite, but still tasted good.

Trained for the Sun Run. Ran 8 min. walked one min., six times. I felt good, cardio is not a problem as it has been in the past for me. I was out for almost an hour altogether. Did some stretching and my leg seemed fine. My knee bothered me after last Thursday's run, but seemed good today, thank goodness. I think I ran slower without the gang to run with. We'll see how Thursday goes.

Snacking this evening...when I got home after the run I was not hungry until after the kids were in bed. I am trying not to eat past 9pm. I ended up having five dried pineapple rings which are not on the menu plan for our BES. I also added an avocado to my salad, and realized that also was not on the menu until Friday! I must follow it closely to get the type of results they are talking about.

Watched Biggest Loser (a secret that's now out!) and also, while tidying up I watched bits of Barbara Walter's Live to 150 special. Everything was geared towards how science can keep us from aging...pills, operations, cryogenics, etc. Only once did they mention what you put in your mouth and that was the CR diet. A calorie restriction diet where you eat very little, only a couple times a day, if that. The people they interviewed did cook some of their food, looked good for their ages and seemed healthy. Sounds interesting. If you eat a low fat, raw diet I am sure it would fall under this category as well. It's all about not overtaxing the body and letting it do what it must do to heal any ills.

Now it's time for a 15 min. declutter. I can do anything for 15 min. or so my Flylady coach tells me. My family room has been a disaster for at least three months now and it is time to stop thinking and start doing! I need to follow that advice in all areas of my life!!!

Soak up those rays!

Eat Raw, Live Well.


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