Monday, March 31, 2008

Day 2 of BES

I got to eat today...after 32 hours (longer than the 24 hours the BES program suggests) and man did the apples I eat this morning ever taste amazing. We bombard our taste buds with so much that it's not often that something tastes SO amazing!

Here's what I ate today:

Morning: 2 apples, had another one there but never cut it up, I was stuffed at two apples.
Noon: 5 bananas
Snack: half a cucumber
Snack: 4 grapefruit
Dinner: dinosaur kale, 3 bananas, rainbow chard, 2 cups of water (blended)
Snack: 3 bananas, head of romaine lettuce, green kale, 2 cups of water (blended)

I am hungry right now, it's 11:11pm. I am trying not to eat past 9pm. They don't say anything about timing your meals on the BES plan that I have read so far. Really it's about eating until you are satisfied. I was to do monomeals today except for the dinner one and after dinner another green smoothie was good.

Satisfied with all the food I ate today. Will have to shop tomorrow or Wednesday as I think I will need to replenish the stock on hand. Having food available is so important to being successful.

I had MAJOR cravings today. Avocado, crackers, chocolate, Lara bars, raw desserts, avocado again. I am sure that if I didn't have these foods in the house that I would not be tempted or craving them, really. It's a See Food and Want Food type of ordeal for me I think. As I write this a DQ blizzard is coming to mind. I really liked those pre raw and haven't had one since before my son was born I think.

Energy levels were high and I went back to Bootcamp with Nadia (Back to Basics) and was running faster and with less exertion than all the others there. They were all full of complaints, much of them warranted I am sure. They were all talking about botox, detox, and trips where they were spending 1000's of dollars to get in better shape, and feel better. They just don't know that the answer is under their noses. I have been living proof of that, and yet they still do not listen.

I mentioned that they should drink green smoothies daily and one said "But I need my meat". Maybe her body does in fact need meat right now, but if she were open minded about trying raw for even a week I am sure she'd come out of it with a totally new and different perspective.

My husband even had a green smoothie this morning. Apples, Kiwi and Kale, with 2 cups of water. He liked it. He is not a fan of bananas so I have to be creative when making his smoothies. I love bananas so they are a staple in my smoothies!

I feel like I am on track. Lost 4 of the 8 pounds that I gained eating bad for me cooked foods this last month, so that's also another added bonus to this new program. I will have to see what the scale says tomorrow as I am sure most of that is from the little fast. I loved how light I felt this morning though and the great elimination I had all day. One full day without eating and still today had massive amounts leaving my body, wow.

I have colon hydrotherapy tomorrow. It's a gentle, clean way to cleanse your colon with water by a professional. I go to West Gate Wellness Centre, and Elizabeth Mazzei is who I see there. She is great and full of ideas.

Until tomorrow,

Eat Raw, Live Well.


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