Monday, March 3, 2008

Juicy Goodness

Must be report card season...all my time has been spent doing my reports, contacting parents about behaviours and much more, all school related. It's just midnight here and I have finished my report comments. Have to go into school on my day off to finish them off with my teaching partner, tomorrow. But, then it's done and I can get on with the rest of things that have been on the back burner...of the dehydrator that is!

Yes, my dehydrator finally came in a week ago. I got it on the night of the full moon eclipse! I like to believe that's a great omen! So far we've only made banana chips but with a few extra moments in my day I am just salivating to try out some recipes I have waited so long to try. Speaking of banana chips...I just found out why mine didn't turn out like the store bought ones...turns out they are DEEP FRIED in oil!!!!! I never knew!! They are dried to a point (much too high temperatures also) and then they are deep fried to make them so crispy. Buyer beware!Ours were soft and chewy and reminded me a little of the square caramels my grandma Howlett used to give us as kids. My children loved them as well.

Something I mentioned in an earlier blog is that the Global Juice Feast was about to start...well it did on March 1st and will run through to June 1st. I wanted to be a part of this somehow, so what I will be doing is, every Monday I will be joining the world in Juice Feasting. I will be juicing all day on Monday and will make sure that I have one or two juices a day otherwise. I always feel better on days when I have more of the green juice in me. I am powered by green!

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Drank Today:

16 oz. green juice spinach pineapple

20 oz. green juice mixed greens and pineapple

20 oz sweet potato, apple, celery, carrot juice

16 oz. carrot, beet, apple juice

2 grapefruits

Tomorrow back to solid foods. Could not wait. Just after finishing my reports I had a grapefruit and then waited a half hour and then had a favourite...raw nut butter and honey on a banana. Well, it was 24 hours really because I haven't had anything but juice since before midnight yesterday. Had a great day too, mellow, and full of energy.

After eating so late though I am very tired and my body is begging for sleep. I also feel a bit of a cold coming on. My kids have been sick for two weeks with a terrible cough and my hubby came down with it a few days ago. Here's hoping it doesn't hit me fully, with the way I eat I should think not. Juicing made me feel better all day and now I am not full of energy, just heavy food...hmm...not the best choice.

So it's off to bed for me and more juice in the morning to offset any cold symptoms that may creep up!

Juicy goodness,


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