Tuesday, February 19, 2008

Day 29 and 30 - Daily Green Smoothies

Better late than never. Kudos to those who blog daily as I am finding it a challenge to keep up with daily posts...heck, weekly posts. I have been doing a lot of thinking recently and have many posts that I would like to put up and will try to do a few a week at least to get all my thinking out on the page.

The daily green smoothies are now a part of my life. I say day 29 and 30 but really I could go on as I have continued to have at least one 4 to 5 cup green smoothie a day since the end of these 30 days. I made a list up on day 30 of things that I noticed in the duration of this trial. Here it is:

higher energy levels
less sleep needed
better bowel movements
very clear skin (after the first week)
hair loss lessened and stopped
smoother, softer hair
strong nails
better muscle definition in arms
softer skin
brighter eyes, better vision? (can see the alarm clock from across the bed clearly now)
better able to handle stressful situations
minimal mood swings
PMS - got my period at the end of the trial and didn't know it was coming...NO cramping at all and only lasted 4 and a bit days!!
less sweet cravings
less hunger felt, therefore ate less
no overeating for the wrong reasons
more patience with the kids
kids and hubby ate better and my son loved smoothies (at first and then this dissipated near the end)
clearer head
resting heart rate down about 4 beats per minute
blood pressure down a few points on the top and bottom

I did not change my diet drastically and ate about 90% raw during this time...sometimes it was 100% for many days but I did have some times when cooked food entered the body. I would venture to guess that the results would be even more amazing if I'd been eating 100% raw the whole 30 days. Interestingly enough since the trial I have been eating 100% raw and did a three day juice feast.

There are a lot of people getting on the juice feast wagon! There are people blogging about this everywhere, and there's a list of bloggers who are juicing at the Raw Food Right Now blog. Heidi is also blogging about her 92 day juice feast. It's is an interesting read and I wish I'd blogged about mine when I did the 30 day jucie feast last September (2007). I did journal so maybe in future posts I can put some of my journal stuff in here. Kristen at Kristen's Raw is also into a juice feast...I believe it's for 30 days she's going so I'll be reading her posts to hear more about that as it's the same duration of the one I did last fall. Go Girls! Juicy awesomeness all around.

So now that the 30 day trial of smoothies is over what I find I am eating is 100% raw, and juicing more than I have since September of 2007. Ideally I'd like to be juicing in the morning, then having a smoothie for lunch and the more solid foods would be in the afternoon and early evening. Then finish all eating by 8pm and maybe have another juice if I am hungry later. The only problem I've had so far is when I ingest a green juice later than 8pm I have trouble getting to sleep before 1am. I have so much energy...it's like a jolt of coffee for those who don't drink too much coffee.

I am a firm believer in both juicing and green smoothies, having experienced both for 30 days each. Now it's time to put the both together and take things to another level.

Eat Raw, Live Well.

Off to the mountain today in the glorious (almost spring) sunshine!! Hope it's clear enough to see the red moon tonight!

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