Monday, February 11, 2008

Day 22 to 28 - Daily Green Smoothies

Must blog more, must blog more...

Still drinking lots of daily green smoothies. It is such a part of my life now I am beginning to crave green smoothies and all things green. Not sure if I mentioned before but I look at everything green now and wonder what it would taste like in a smoothie...let me clarify: Driving home I come through a beautiful green parkland drive. It is amazing in the summer when we are in full bloom and leaves are all full out. It is also beautiful in the fresh snow with trees heavy laden with the new snowfall. But I look at the greenery and wonder...should I throw something like that into the blender?

I look forward to the spring when new fiddleheads will be peaking out of the ground. The adult plant may be difficult to swallow but even as a kid we used to boil fiddleheads and stinging needle to eat when we camped out with Girl Guides. Coming back to my roots it seems.

I also had a green juice this morning and it felt like coming home. I haven't had a juice in over two to three weeks...and it was SO good! I put in four handfuls of baby spinach, two romaine heart bunches and two apples for a little sweetness and a small lemon to cut the green taste. Wow, my taste buds came alive!

This afternoon I had a spinach and carrot juice. It tasted better than I had imagined. Matt Monarch is always talking about how much he loves spinach and carrot juice so I had to try it. His blog is also great reading, lots of information to look over.

His fiance, Angela Stokes also has a great blog:

I will blog about a whole bunch of different sites that I go to in order to read about raw foods at a future date.

I am currently working on my slide show for a presentation I am giving to a bunch of teachers on the Pro D day. We'll do a little talking and a little preparing food. I am nervous but looking forward to it and want to do more of this in the future. I would love to do a talk at Planet Organic or at Choices...but for now it's for teachers and for the neighbours.

I drank a lot of juice today and had great sustained energy throughout the day. I am tired now, and feeling a little hungry actually for the first time today. It's not a bad thing to go to bed a little hungry. Goodness knows there are many people who go hungry on a daily basis!

Dream Green!

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