Wednesday, March 5, 2008

Sergei Boutenko's coming to town!

So I am reading through Sergei and Valya Boutenko's newsletter and it mentions he is touring BC this month!! Yikes! So anyhow here's the details:


Location: Holy Trinity Anglican Church
Main Hall
Monday, March 24th 6:30 - 9:30pm
Cost: $15 at door.
$10 RawBC members (membership available at event)

Contact: RawBC (778) 737 - 8852
Location: Holy Trinity Anglican Church (Main Hall)
Address: 1440 West 12th Avenue, Vancouver
(corner of 12th Ave & Hemlock)
Lots of parking available on the nearby streets. Read signs.
Close to Granville and Broadway bus routes.

Please call or email to reserve a spot...and I will see you there! I'm so excited.

Sergei is the reason why the Boutenko family went raw in the first place as he was diagnosed with juvenile diabetes. His mother didn't want him to have to take insulin for the rest of his life so she researched until she found her answer in raw foods. They all healed what ailed them on the SAD diet they ate before raw foods. They live in Oregon and have various books out. See my raw resource blog as I've listed them there.

So I am thrilled.

Also there's a great event happening up in Courtney, B.C. on March 20th - 22nd. They have an amazing raw group up there and they have put together the RawQuest Festival. Sergei will also be there as a keynote speaker but they have a great line up there as well. I'll add more info as I get it.

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