Friday, April 25, 2008

How'd this happen?


It's been a while again and this time I am asking for help to anyone who reads this!

This week has been the most disappointing week for me. I got a bladder infection. I have to admit that I was shocked that this happened. Any time I think I may be coming down with something I think positively, knowing that I eat a very high percentage of raw foods and that I will not have to worry about getting sick.

Well, not the case last weekend. I got a bladder infection like I've never had before. Blood in the urine. After watching the show House one too many times, I thought my kidneys were failing. I did have that urinary tract infection feeling, however so rushed to the hospital and of course they put me on antibiotics. I didn't know how else to help myself, so I took them. I didn't take the pain meds and made it through o.k. I want to know if I am in pain as that's an indicator that something's sense in turning that instinct off.

So for the week I have been extremely sad, angry, upset that this happened. No matter who you talk to they all have their opinions as to why something like this comes about...stress is the number one (although my stress levels are probably at their lowest in about four months), then there's what you eat - too many cooling foods - raw - can cause a damp and wet environment in the body, along with cold weather etc. I have been eating a lot of cooling foods this month, especially bananas which are also high in sugar. Candida is another possibility. But what really hits home with me is that all disease is the same, it is a toxic environment that allows it to live. Here I thought I had done a lot of detoxing, and maybe I guess I need to do more and really flush things out.

My body is working to do that, as my period came a week and a half early. My MD figured it was mid month spotting and didn't think it was my body detoxing the terrible medicine that I had put into my body. I think he thinks I have gone off the deep end with this! We also did many tests to see what may be going on inside of me. Specialist appointment...ya, two months down the road. I do NOT want to live this way for two months. I will be adding warming foods to my list of items to eat thanks to some recommendations of a Naturopath doctor named Dr. Rachel Stewart. I have only met her once but like her style. I am trying to keep a positive attitude and know that this is only temporary and that it too shall pass. Eating as well as possible and not eating what may trigger more issues. It's very difficult eating no sugar on a raw food diet. I depend so heavily on fruit and natural sweeteners in my daily diet. I am drawn to avocadoes and other cooling foods. I am drinking tea for now, with cinnamon and cloves - my body loved it. I am also doing some steaming of veggies - just so that they are warm, not really cooked, but probably above the raw standard.

It seems that those that are raw don't get problems like this, or maybe is it because they are hiding any issues that they have due to the fact that most of their livelihoods depend on people purchasing what they have to sell. I'm not sure about this one. I hope that they all lead very healthy lives. I know that every choice I make helps me create the great health I choose to experience.

Anyhow, just some thoughts I felt this week was at the beach in White Rock. It was super windy, very cold (I bundled up!) but so invigorating. It was my favourite experience of the week, that's for sure. Tomorrow it's off to Aaron's Gorilla Foods for a Birthday feast! I can't wait!

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