Wednesday, August 5, 2009

Day Two Smoothies and Juices

Forgot to publish this last night...

Loving this smoothie and juices beginning to my week. It's so freeing when you aren't really focussed on food! It's been more smoothies than anything else today.

16 oz. lemon water
Rebounder for a little bit - finding my knee hurts a little when I rebound every day...anyone else have that issue? Suggestions to help it? I rebound barefoot, so possibly I need shoes on? I thought rebounders were supposed to be better on the knees than running, and I run without a problem?!


Frozen banana and cherry smoothie - it was more like ice cream it was so thick!

Dinner: Pumpkin Pie Soup. Delicious! Half the recipe made about 4 cups of soup.

Bootcamp for one hour, it was a great workout this evening.

Drank about 2 litres so far today but will be drinking some tea and water this evening as well.

There are some detox type things happening for me. The pasty tongue is there, bad breath in the morning (could also be the garlic from last night's soup!) no body odor, a little moody, but not hungry much and eating only when I am hungry.

Better energy though, we'll have to see about the weight loss, I'm up a couple pounds today?! Seems weird as I'm eating less and much better! I'll give it some time to settle as I'd had too many raw macaroons this weekend!

Enjoy the night!

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