Wednesday, August 5, 2009

Off on an Adventure!

Hey all,

I'm off tomorrow, bright and early to catch a ferry to Vancouver Island. Camping with the family! There's also a raw food retreat up in Courntney further up the island. It's being sponsered by Raw BC, and the Raw Family, the Boutenkos are the ones putting on the event. I hear that Ann Marie Gianni is also up there! So close but yet so far away! (3 hour drive...that's after the six hours it takes to get to the island!)

So I'm going to rev my engine - my Vitamix engine early tomorrow to make up some smoothies and such so that I am taken care of on the road. I also have lots of fruit to nibble on as well. I have a few nut bars etc, (not including family) and some other staples - greens in the cooler, nut butters, and no nuts and seeds...why you may ask? I will eat way too much fat if I take nuts and seeds!

I have also researched around and found a few raw option cafe's and juice bars as well as Cafe Bliss which is an all raw affair! Can't wait to try them all out. I will take my camera/video camera with me and give you updates when I return.

Here's what I put in my tummy today:

2.5 litres water.

Raw Instant Breakfast:

Coconut water and meat
1 tbsp. chia seed
1 tbsp. honey
1 tsp. vanilla
1 heaping tsp. cacao

Very filling. More like a brunch! Made about 3 cups.


1 banana
2 peaches
3+ cups of spinach

Delicious! (made 5 cups) Shared with my mother in love, one cup. She enjoyed it.

Snack - Pumpkin Pie Soup, made fresh, but it's the
same as yesterday, used the rest of the yam. Made about 4 cups. Shared half a cup with my mother in love. She liked it a lot! I ate it again before I could take a photo. It is such a brilliant orange. I'm going to start turning orange if I consume this daily!


1 lb. strawberries
4 brazil nuts
1 tbsp. hemp
1 date
1.5 cups water

Delicious, really thick! Milkshake consistency. Would have liked it colder, but it was awesome. I like to use brazil nuts every once in a while to increase selenium! Make sure you don't overdo brazil nuts, too much of a good thing is not always better!

My activity here will be lessened while camping but will be back in full force Sunday night!

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