Monday, August 17, 2009

Brian Clement Lecture

Impressive of course! LOVED all he had to say and YES, Penni he was in his suit and looked quite dapper indeed. He is a lot funnier than I would have guessed, and had us laughing throughout the lecture. I wore my "mango addict" t-shirts and a number of people loved it. I also had a bag that says "green" in all sorts of languages...had a guy ask me to take my photo as he loved the message on the bag and my shirt and the greens and all that...and I was just waiting in line to get in! Talk about a great start!

I wish I could have eaten, there were all sorts of vendors who were touting their wares and here I am on a water fasting day! Anyhow I ended up purchasing a spiralizer like the one that I saw the Hoppa's using. How much did you all pay for that? Not sure I got a great deal, but it looks so much easier to use than the one that I have currently so we'll give it a try! Even got a free zucchini to go along with it from the supplier's garden! :) She's taken Alyssa Cohen's course and sells these to her clients etc.

Back to the man of the hour - or two hours - Brian Clement.

Let's see if I can summarize some of what he talked about.

Three things you need to do in order to live the life you want:

1. Do what you LOVE.
2. Live with integrity, eat pure, exercise, and connect with the universe and/or God.
3. Contribute - giving is the only way to true's what we're here to do.

You have to be happy with yourself first. You have to believe that you deserve health. Disease is a state of mind.
Call your mothers and thank them for everything, mothers are so important...heal that relationship if you do not have a good one at the moment!

Life is a Process, every second you can choose to do something BIG, most of us choose to do nothing or do something small and manageable. Choose BIG! Penni did and now look at us! Ripple effect!

One of the biggest things I took from his lecture tonight is this:


Why eat Raw Food? H.O.P.E.

H = Hormones - messengers, cellular communication found only in raw foods, cooked no longer has them. Hormones balanced means happy person.

O = Oxygen - Food based oxygen, helps raise hemoglobin, regulates metabolism, plays role in nutrient ingestion. He wants to write a book, Eat Oxygen, Get Skinny. Raise your levels of oxygen and you'll lose weight. Get it from raw and living foods. Get it through proper breathing. Get it through exercise! If there is enough oxygen in the body, cancer cannot exist.

P = Phytochemicals - protect body from disease, can destroy disease, some good places to get this are:

Wheatgrass, speltgrass, kamut, barley grass, millet, amaranth, buckwheat, broccoli, garlic, onion sprouts, sprouts of all sorts.

E = Enzymes - allow and enhance body's electric abilities, we're all energy, from the moment of conception (A Life is Born - was a movie he said everyone should watch, shows this electrical start we all came from) to the moment we decompose, we are energy.

Finally he states that with Antioxidants, vitamins, minerals and trace minerals, protein, electrical enzymes ingested in a raw and natural form is the best way to live longer, as is eating less...over time, don't rush it. Constant steps forward. Keep learning as changes happen, embrace change and continue on your path.

Take 100% responsibility. Those who come to HHI who heal are people who are willing to do it themselves, not give themselves over to others in order to be healed.

Supplements he suggests for sure are:
Algae - fixes DNA
Enzymes - he takes 20/day!

Some may benefit from:
ginsing or gotacola (the second one is a female ginsing? Not sure on the spelling) Also Summa.
Stabilized oxygen
Sodium or sliver nitrate when you are on planes
Rescue Remedy in purse at all times!
Cayenne helps circulation and emulsifies lipids.

If you ever go to Hippocrates, they follow you for LIFE. They always get updates from you and will keep a file on you for years to come. This helps them in their research for long term. It's a great idea as both you and they benefit!

I now want to take not only their three week program, but the three month one! Time to start savin'!

I hope that my notes make some sense to you all! I sure am glad I made the trip out and took the time to go.

I only drank water and lemon water all day today, so nothing to report for eating.
Feeling full of energy! Big, busy day tomorrow! Night all! Oh, I'll post a photo as well!

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bitt said...

I love Dr. Clements. Heard him at Raw Spirit Fest in Maryland. I've been thinking of going to Hippocrates. I am making one more last ditch effort myself with sprouts and his recommendations from Raw spirit.