Friday, November 20, 2009

Checking in - Finally!

Alright, it's been many weeks and I've yet to write a blog post. During the original RFR I wrote almost every night - and spent lots of time on the site...being a teacher I had the summer off and the luxury of time. Being back at work it's more about carving the time out to look through the new RFR site and revel in the fact that it is such an amazing place to be!

I have been working on my routines, as they tend to help me stay on track. Here's a look at a typical day so far:

5:15am wake up (make my side of the bed)
5:15 - 5:30 eye massage and palming (Bates Method of natural vision improvement) Conscious breathing technique at this time also.
5:30am - 6am guided meditation
6am -6:30am yoga (video at home)
6:30 - 7am - rebound, dry brushing and shower, get ready for the day.
7am-8am - get family ready for the day, laundry load in washer

First thing in the morning I begin with a lemon water. Usually about a litre of water to a half lemon's worth of juice. If I am hungry then I eat some fruit. If not I wait until I'm hungry to have my fruit. Favourites include apples, pears and bananas at the moment.

On my work days I leave for work at 8:15am I teach at a local middle school. I did a green smoothie demo last Friday and it was a hit. We also have Fruitful Fridays where everyone in the class brings in a piece of fruit and we make a Friendship Fruit Salad to share. They LOVE it!

At work I can sometimes come home for lunch and I will have a green smoothie, or else I bring in some nut butter and some banana or celery to much on at lunch. Usually I'll have more fruit for a snack after school.

On my days off I usually play taxi most the day and do our family's shop for the week on Tuesdays. I also spend a lot of time decluttering - decluttering my body has lead to mass decluttering of my home as well.

Each time I eat a meal I do the palming technique for my eyes again, working on improving my vision without surgery - on my own...but there is a practitioner close by who I may be seeing for her 8 week program as she has great success...just saving up the money for it.

Then evenings consist of tidying the house, dinner is usually a salad, or steamed veg (in the winter months) and possibly a vegan soup...I'd say I'm raw about 95% of the time and if I eat anything cooked it's at dinner but it's not much at all anymore. I just feel better raw!

Something I've done differently this last week and a half is going to bed early so that I can rise early. I used to go to bed at 1am or 2am and get up at 7am. Now I'm going to bed at 10:30pm at the latest and it is amazing the difference it has made for me and how I feel. If you can get yourself to bed early I highly suggest it. I've read that the hours you get before midnight count as double!

I also do conscious breathing before bed, more eye massage and palming my eyes and visualization. I find the breathing techniques especially helpful in falling to sleep quickly!! I've enjoyed reading everyone else's blogs on here and apologize for taking SO long to get in on the action. It's Monday and my work week is over due to the holiday on Wednesday and this Friday being my Friday off so I plan to spend a lot of time in here offering recipes, positive comments and blogging!

Hope you all have an amazing week! I'm getting juicy this week, been missing my juice! How's your week been so far?!

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