Tuesday, May 31, 2011

My week with Indigo Foods!

So I am still carrying around more baby weight than I'd like to admit! I've used pregnancy and taking care of a baby and family of five as an excuse to not eat as well as I have in past years. I'm still eating quite well but I eat way too much, thinking that while nursing I need to eat way more than usual. Not correct! In order to direct my energies into the right frame of mind I purchased an
Ethical Deal a couple months ago to receive one week's worth of raw and living food from Indigo Food. For a mere $95 I would receive a week's worth of organic, raw, living food! Breakfast, lunch, snack, dinner and dessert. How could you say no to food like http://ethicaldeal.com/vancouver/deal/52-off-1-week,-all-inclusive,-raw,-organic,-vegan-meal-delivery-service-($196-value)-and-30-off-next?

On Monday James, myself and baby Logan drove out to Kitsilano to pick up my package of food which will last me three days. I didn't want to pay the extra $20 to have it delivered - but may well do that on Thursday (when the next three days are ready) as our drive out was not a good one...the baby cried most the way out and back! It is free delivery in downtown, the West end, and Kitsilano.

The owner, Lovena, lives in a very pretty part of town. Kits is a hip, stylish and well-to-do area. Her home is nestled in the tall trees that line the street. She answered the door and our package was ready for pick up. She is super friendly and answers any questions you may have. The aroma that filled our van on the way home was intoxicating! I could not wait to start eating it all up, but would wait until morning.

This morning I woke up, excited to start my new, prepared foods. For breakfast, I had granola and fresh almond milk. It was very tasty. I was so full after finishing about 3/4 of my serving that I was not able to finish it. So filling!

For lunch I enjoyed a Mermaid Salad. Absolutely incredible tasting! Loved every morsel.

Then for dinner I had one of the collard wraps along with a soup. Oh gosh, the wrap was curried veg and it was to "live" for! The veggie soup was so delicious, and the dill was very refreshing.

I was so full I had to wait a couple of hours before eating my dessert! For dessert I had a chocolate mousse/pudding that was on a bed of sliced strawberries and whole blueberries with a sprinkling of chocolate pieces on top. Mouthwatering, my kids were begging for some. Will post that photo tomorrow!

I was full all day long on this food and enjoyed it so much. I am a little hungry right now and although it's late I'm sipping some of the leftover almond milk from breakfast and that's helping. Guess that means it's time to go to bed! Good night!

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