Thursday, April 16, 2009

Raw Fu - Day three

Well, the first few days of Raw Fu 100 Day Challenge has been going GREAT! I feel amazing, dropped a total of 6 pounds and have been eating less and experiencing lots of energy!

I water fasted for 63 hours, almost three full days. I had a green juice yesterday for lunch around 1pm. Everything I mention eating is organic unless otherwise stated. I drink about 8 to 10 cups of pure water each day, so this food is above and beyond that.

April 15th, 2009:

four celery stalks
one bunch of green kale
one cucumber
two cups of alfalfa sprouts
four large leaves of chard
one lemon (peeled)

I also add pure water to my juices to make them less strong tasting. It feels like coming home when I drink green juices and I remember how great they make me feel when I haven't had them in a while. It was so filling and tasty! I drank it in class and the kids were curious. I asked if anyone wanted some and some joked about trying it but none did.

In the evening I had:

1 pint of strawberries
one apple
five kiwi with the skin on.

A friend of mine at work eats them this way and until recently I'd not had the guts to try it! Well, I LIKE it, who would have imagined. I'm all about eating whole foods and why not eat the skin if it's organic and clean?!

Today's been great. Sun is still shining on us here in the Lower Mainland and we're spending as much time outside as possible. I also received my package from Upaya Naturals with my Vitamineral Green powder, Sproutein Powder, and some Chlorella tablets as well as some raw olives! It's like Christmas when the raw food is delivered to the door!

April 16, 2009:

Hulk Pudding: 4 apples, handful of parsley and 2 tbsp. Vitamineral Green. It is the darkest green you've ever seen and it's packed full of nutrients!

4 kiwis

It's movie night with the kids tonight so I'll update more once they're in bed. Here's a quote from Raw Food Nation that I got in a Twitter Feed today:

If we eat less we live longer therefore we eat more :o)

Until later! Smiles and Sunshine!

Ran my last training run today and went to the pub with the group! What would I eat in a pub you might ask. Well, I had water (not filtered) and a large salad (not organic) oil and vinegar for dressing. Usually I make my dressings in advance so I know they are at least organic, and completely raw. These were not organic. Pretty good for pub food if you look at the alternatives. The other runners I was with chose to eat regular pub fair. I could not believe what they ate and drank for that matter. But that's their choice and not mine. I'm good with what I ate and that's what counts.

So, we're updated here now and I'm off to bed early as the kids are up early with their ten to eleven hours of sleep!

Ciao for Now.
Eat Raw, Live Well!


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