Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Exciting News!

I am pregnant! I am in awe! That's right, my first high raw/raw pregnancy. Goodness only knows how I made beautiful children the first two times, with what I was eating! This time it's all about how much nutrition I can get in my belly for this little one. I am also far more relaxed about the whole thing so stress hormones are much less this time around as well! I'd let Penni in on the fact that we were going to try for our third baby but have been pretty quiet about it so far as I didn't know how long it would take to get pregnant.

With our first two kids we got pregnant the first month we tried, with both. This time it was month two we got preggers, not bad for a 38 year old I guess. It is still extremely early on, I'm only 5 weeks along and have not shared this info with anyone but my husband, my naturopath, and this trusted group. We will share it with family at Christmas time. We are so excited, as this is something we've talked about for two years now and it is finally a reality! It may not have been Thanksgiving up here in Canada this past weekend, but there was a lot of thanks being given around here, that's for sure.

So far this is what I've been doing for food:

Lemon Water to start off the a.m.
Fruit in the a.m.
Water throughout the day.
Green smoothie for lunch (fruit and green veg based)
Snacks have been nut smoothies (nuts, flax oil, and superfoods etc.) or some raw grawnola
Salad and steamed/baked veg for dinner. Vegan dinner also a couple of times.

I am taking the following vitamin supplements:
Prenatal vegan (whole food) vitamin
Vit. D

Superfoods I've been adding to my smoothies:
Vitamineral Green
Coconut butter (not sure if it's considered a superfood, but it's sure super tasting)

These are other superfoods I'm taking as well (just ran out of chlorella, so need to order more):

I'm also following Kristen's Raw, as she is about five or six weeks ahead of me in her raw pregnancy. She has done a lot of research, and is writing a lot about what she's doing in her pregnancy. I have also followed Jinjee Talifero since my earliest days of raw, she has had five kids, either vegan or raw vegan.

I've not had any morning sickness with this pregnancy. I attribute it to my supplementing with a B complex and my diet being far better than when I was pregnant the last two times. Last week I heard the heartbeat for the first time, and I almost cried. I've also been feeling baby's movement for at least three weeks, maybe earlier but I thought it was too early to feel anything. It is especially active right after I eat fruit!

Eat Raw, Live Well!


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