Sunday, February 14, 2010

On Line Resources

Hello to those who've joined me from the Coquitlam Professional Day presentation! I've been filling up on Olympic magic this weekend and have now remembered to put this info onto the website here. Happy reading! Any questions, don't hesitate to call or email me!

On Line Resources for Raw and Living Foods

This is my site, which is a great resource for people who are local that would like to read about living a raw food lifestyle in the lower mainland and a more northern latitude! Lots of ideas, information and inspiration!

This is a great website to check out for many ideas and to join forces with many others who are on their raw food journeys. I was in the original Raw Food Rehab and Penni is so wonderful and full of ideas!

Philip McCluskey is the sites’ community leader. He’s compiled a great selection of information for you on this site!

From their website:

GI2MR is community for people who are passionate about harnessing the power of raw food and holistic living. Our community is a place for support - a place to share and grow.

Kristen’s put together a great site with lots of recipes, insight and links. Check her out also if you’re pregnant or wanting to have kids as she’s almost half way through her first high raw pregnancy and loving it!

This is one of the first and most inspirational raw food internet sites that I came across. It is a family of seven. Storm is 58 but looks more like 40 and his wife Jinjee is 40 but looks to be in her late 20’s. They have five beautiful raw children who are thriving!

Jinjee has something called the “Raw Daily Inspiration” that you can subscribe to, I highly recommend it, as it’s kept me inspired this past year.

Angela Stokes has a great site here. She also has a blog that you can subscribe to for daily information. I love getting her updates in my in box.

Angela’s fiancĂ©, Matt Monarch also has a great website. He has just started his own blog this last month and it too has some great updates and information. I also look forward to reading this each day.

Amazing website filled with delicious recipes. Any time I am looking for something quickly I go here and search in their user-friendly side bar.

I am a member of Raw BC and they have many resources linked to this site. This is a great way to find local and nearby places to eat.

Aaron Ash is the owner and head chef of this take out window at 422 Richards St. between Hastings and Pender. He is great! Always ready with a smile and your order. The food is absolutely delicious. I try to treat myself by visiting once a month for something great to eat!

I visit this site often too for some new recipes or for some inspiration. There is so much to look through that I still haven’t seen everything on the site yet…

Here is Alissa’s site, full of information. There are some videos you can watch and stories and photos of people who’ve gained back their health while eating a raw food diet.

This is a raw food store, where I get a lot of my nuts, seeds, honey, Nama Shoyu, etc. You can order by phone or over the internet. They are pretty quick with delivery also. They are based in Naramata, B.C.

This is another great Canadian site for ordering raw foods and other equipment for a healthy home. I have also found them to be quick with delivery and good to deal with. They are based in Ontario.

These guys are great. They have hemp clothing and lots of raw goodies for sale. They are super quick with delivery and have been extremely friendly and helpful in my orders with them. They are based on Denman Island, B.C.

If you want to know how to open up a coconut, watch other raw foodists talk or do recipes, this is a great site to SEE it done. I really enjoy typing in names like David Wolfe, Angela Stokes, Matt Monarch, Storm and Jinjee Talifero and words like raw foods, living foods, vitamix blenders etc. Have fun with it, time flies when you’re on youtube!

This is a blog that I enjoy reading daily. They are a couple who live in the states who are really down to earth. Heidi is currently a third of her way through a juice feast. Lots of info on this blog, it’s great.

Great site, she’s done lots for the raw community in the U.K.

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