Sunday, March 6, 2011

Back to Basics!

Has it truly been over a year since I've posted here? So much going on and so much I want to talk about! I've also started up two new blogs so that I can focus on raw/living foods here and about my exercise and baby info on other blogs. My exercise blog is called Up The Creek Run (this is where all my training info will go - and I've got some lofty new goals. Will post there soon!)

The second one I started when I thought I was pregnant two years ago...however when I really did get preggers I didn't write there?! AND, seven months ago we were blessed with another little being. His name is Logan Alexander and he's such a precious "L'il Sprout" as I lovingly call him. Everything about him and my kids will now be written about under the new blog Little Sprouts Big Ideas. My daughter has asked to guest blog there, and I'm sure she will do an excellent job! I'm trying to link these in as for some reason I'm having difficulty combining my blogs from different email addresses...if any of you know how to do that if you could say so in the comments - I'd greatly appreciate it. I'd love to have them all under one umbrella instead of juggling each of them. I created the blogs ages and ages ago and didn't know at the time that I'd done them under different emails?!

I've been working on a couple of other projects as well, other than baby building! Those blogs and entries will be here, Raw Rituals and Total Health Concept. My goal is to blog in one of these areas each night. I'll consider it my night job. Once the kids are tucked in bed, and I've got some quiet head space I'll sit down at the computer and write about all the things I've jotted down in my big idea book! :)

Sunday: Tonight, Thrive On Live but from now on it'll be Up The Creek
Monday: Little Sprouts Big Ideas
Tuesday: Raw Rituals
Wednesday: Thrive on Live
Thursday: Total Health Concept
Friday and Saturday I may take a little break, but if I've got the time and subject matter then I'll write in one of the previous areas again. Or if there was a blip and I missed an area I could catch up on those days.

James has promised to help me spice up the blog a little too...he is only the IT guy at his school, I think I should get some free tutoring in this area, as it is much needed!

In the meantime, Eat Raw, Live Well™ and we'll see you again MUCH sooner than the last time!


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