Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Seattle in the Raw

I always get asked, "How do you travel and stay eating a high raw diet?" and my answer is simple...I plan ahead.

Before we left I took stock of all the produce in the house and planned a green juice, a green smoothie, and made some yum cups. That morning I made a quart of smoothie (blueberry, celery, spinach, banana, water, green powder), a quart of juice (apple, carrot, celery and spinach) and eight yum cups (coconut butter, coconut oil, green powder-I like Vitamineral Green, honey, and hemp seeds). I also brought along two bananas. This food lasted me the whole trip down!

I also made sure I had the addresses for raw food restaurants in the Seattle area. Two good ones I've eaten at and enjoyed are:
Chaco Canyon, and Thrive. I also found that Whole Foods is right around the corner from Thrive. My sister also has me pick up a dozen vegan donuts from Mighty-O Donuts each time we go down...and yes, I have to try one! :) For smoothies and juices on the road I sometimes bring my blender if I don't know of any juice bars but in Seattle they have Emerald City Smoothies and there are some raw options/high raw options there.

Most restaurants have a salas and I just bring along an avocado and some home made dressing to put on. I really love Vega's EFA oil blend as the fat for my dressing. I also bring along plenty of spring water and there are some along the way too, you can check out the springs website, to find one in your area!

Think about your last road trip, what did you bring along to keep your body fueled?

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Sasha said...

I like your blog and all of your information. I just did a post on radiation. I read your too.