Thursday, October 2, 2008


Word is spreading like wildfire regarding Kevin Gianni's newest venture...Rawkathon is a free seven day event that Kevin will be hosting, and it starts October 19th. It's FREE! Now is the time to join in the fun. You can join by going to Rawkathon.

You will hear from the likes of:
Victoria Boutenko
Angela Stokes (who was recently profiled on CNN - also big news this week.)
Matt Monarch
Dr. Gabriel Cousens
Dr. Douglas Graham
David Wolfe
Mike Adams
Viktoras Kulvinskas
Nomi Shannon
Cherie Soria (who is coming to Vancouver to share her chef skills in a class she's offering...more info to follow)
David Rainochek M.A
Frederic Patenaude
Dr. Rick Dina
Karen Knowler
Dr. Jameth Sheridan
Happy Oasis

What a line up! I'll be quite busy that week, listening in on all of these knowledgeable people. You can watch on the net (webcast) or listen by phone. It's FREE. You also get the Health Book Summaries...another amazing free service that provides great, easy to read books about health and raw and living foods. It's like a Coles Notes version of these amazing books!

Don't wait any longer. You'll really be glad you listened to these. Let me know how you enjoyed them!

In health and rawness,


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