Wednesday, March 18, 2009

Vitamix Blender

I've been using my Vitamix almost daily since I purchased it at Costco about two and a half years ago. Some days I even use it three to four times! Well this morning I was making applesauce for my little guy, and I noticed that one of the plastic parts that keeps the lid on the container had snapped off. Not sure when this happened, but I am sure it was ingested at some point (the blender is so powerful it was liquified?!) as I never found it on the counter before today nor today.

I made the applesauce and then called Vitamix. They have a seven year warranty and we've only had the machine two and a half years. My husband called (he's the one with the magic touch when it comes to returning or repairing items). The customer service rep we had was not the kindest person, but was straighforward and to the point. We expected that we'd have to send our container in to them and then we'd get one in return when they saw the flaw. Well, as it turned out we are going to have a new container wihin 12 business days. She confirmed our address and said that they'd send it right away.

Nice. Here I thought it was going to take a lot more red tape to get this taken care of and it was easier than taking a bandaid off my little guy! :) I have to say I am very pleased. I've always sung the praises of the Vitamix for health and wellness, and now after my first experience with their customer service and warranty I am going to recommend the machine once again!

Go out and get one NOW! It will help anyone who is trying to eat more raw and living foods. There's so much you can do with it! I'll be posting some smoothie and other recipes so that you can try them. You've got 12 days and then it's recipe time!

Eat Raw, Live Well.
Blend away!


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