Saturday, March 7, 2009


I've never been much of a celery fan. It always had too strong of a taste for me. Turns out, by putting more vegetables into my body, my taste for this (and cilantro) has changed. I actually crave celery now in some ways. I love to add it to my juices, blender drinks, smoothies, and energy soups. It's also one of my favourite snacks.

Here's my current favourite. I just Twittered about it as well.

Nuts about Celery recipe:

Macadamia nut butter (but really any nut butter will work)
Toppings: (choose one or more of the following)
Goji Berries
Sun dried raisins (usually with seeds - more nutritious, and not GMO)
hemp seeds
Or anything else you can think of.

Put nut butter into the concave part of the celery
Sprinkle toppings on.
Eat and enjoy.

In snow and sunshine - yes, it snowed here again!


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