Thursday, February 26, 2009

Tricity Green Drinks Group meeting

A few weeks ago a neighbourhood friend had us over for dinner and we got talking about raw and living foods. A couple days after that I get a message introducing me to Peter...he commutes with this neighbour of ours. He is also a vegetarian...vegan...and thinking about raw. He's also a very strong advocate and activist on the environmental front. He invited me to join the social this past Wednesday.

It was really great to sit in a room with many like-minded people. I had great conversations with a number of the people who attended. The environment was always something I considered, but not something I really went out of my way to protect...until I found raw and living foods. I am much more aware of situations around the globe, especially ones pertaining to my food sources. When you start to eat this way, lots of new ideas and information make their way into your psyche.

I'm now asking myself, "What have I done for the environment lately?" "What can I do for the environment?" "How can I know more about my food sources?" I also know another neighbour who would be interested in talking with this group and I'm definitely going to get him involved! I'm also going to serve a Green Drink at a future get together. I was actually surprised that no one showed up with a "green drink" to a meeting with such a name?!

I want to sponge up all they have to say and start to get involved locally with the environment and somehow help make things better so that my own children can inherit a world that's not on the brink of excinction.

What have you done for the environment lately? How much do you know about your food sources? Take 15 min. to see what you can do to make our earth a happier and healthier place. If we take small steps, it's amazing where it can take us if we're on the right path!

In Green Goodness,


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