Sunday, February 22, 2009

Decluttering with kids

I've been trying to go through our stuff recently. It seems that more comes in than goes out but there's a constant flow in the house of "things" and "goods". Andrew's birthday is coming and it's time to do another toy overhaul. My kids have had more toys in their short years than I had in a lifetime, if they only knew.

I used to get the kids to choose items to give away and keep. Well, the keep pile was always SO large and the give away wasn't so big. They have gotten better over the years, but...what I found works best is for them to choose what they definitely want to KEEP. They get a box, fill it as full as possible of things they want to keep for sure and the rest is fair game for me to give away.

It works like a charm. We got rid of a lot of stuff tonight and we'll keep getting more out of the house. The Gaby Davis Foundation...helps families affected by childhood cancer will be taking donations as of April so now I just have to store them until that time...maybe in the carport, as there's very little room around here!

Off to box some up!

How do you help your children let go of things that they no longer need? How do YOU do this?

Here's hoping you have a smoothie start to the week! Here's a recipe for a great smoothie! The amounts are completely up to you! Here's what I do:

Frozen strawberries
Frozen cut up banana
Hemp seeds

Blend until smooth. It's more like a milkshake and it's a meal all on its own. I usually cannot mix my fruit with nuts and seeds, but this one agrees with me no problem. Play with the amounts each time you make it until you have your perfect smoothie shake.

It's my take on the amazing Strawberry Cloud from Gorilla Food on Richards St. in Vancouver. Aaron has great food, definitely check his place out if you're in town.

Eat Raw, Live Well
ps - three blogs in one day, it's amazing what I can accomplish when I set my mind to it. I have so many topics, I don't know how I'll get through them all!

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