Tuesday, February 24, 2009

Blessed is this life

Hey there,

Jiving to a great tune by Brett Dennen. It's called Blessed. He is my new favourite singer! I've listened to a number of his songs over the last week or so (thanks to Angela Stokes mentioning him in her blog!) and have really enjoyed all the songs I've heard. You can listen to Blessed as well, enjoy!

He's also playing at Richards on Richards on March 12th. Check out info and tickets here. I know I want to go!

Rumour has it that Great Big Sea is coming out to the West Coast again. They have only released a Victoria date, but I'm holding my breath that they'll also be coming to Vancouver as well! Why come all this way and not do more venues!?  Seems they missed Victoria when they were here in December...

Fat Tuesday today, thinking I may give up something for the Lent season.  I was brought up Catholic, and although I am not practicing any particular religion, I have never felt more spiritual since taking up raw and living foods.  I will practice Lent this year as I feel that it is good to show yourself some self discipline.  I'll update when I have figured out just what I'm going to do for sure.  I still have a few hours to think about it.

What is something that you enjoy that you would be willing to give up for 40 days?  Tell me about it...

Eat Raw, Live Well.


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