Thursday, May 22, 2008

Oprah goes Vegan

Oprah is doing a 21 day vegan diet cleanse and she's apparently raving about it. Many raw foodies are talking about this and it's a huge thing for the world in the fact that so many people follow Oprah's lead and she has a huge impact on society.

She did raw food vegan in the past but felt unwell. Maybe this vegan cleanse will be a good transition for her to try raw's hoping! Check out her blog. Go to and look for it on her home page.

The wave is coming in fast. I can feel the momentum. Raw is today what veganism was ten years ago...

Had a green smoothie today...yum! Day two of the green smoothie challenge.

Did a hill training run tonight. It was intense. Bob's a great trainer and keeps us pushing ourselves. It did surprise me tonight when he said that he'd take it easy on us and would only do two of the final three uphills in the final set...but we all did three!

I have to remember not to eat about two hours before the training. I did feel a wee bit vomitous (is that a word?!) as I'd eaten up until 6pm and we began the warm up at 6:30pm.

OK. back to reality here.
In green goodness,


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