Saturday, May 24, 2008



Two nights ago while casually writing in my blog, minding my own business I glanced through to see if anyone had commented on any of my recent blogs...and there were two comments on my Hiccups blog entry.

How shocked was I to see that I had won the Ann Wigmore CHI diet Home Study Course from the Raw Divas!! Oh my gosh, how exciting is that?!?!

I am completely THRILLED beyond belief that this course is coming into my hands. It is something I have contemplated purchasing, but could never gather up the funds to do so. It is going to be such an amazing tool! Not only will it help me on my raw food journey, but it will help me to continue to help others with their raw adventures. I really enjoy teaching and coaching people through their journeys and this course will further my knowledge and allow me to help even more people.

If you have linked here through the Raw Divas' site! Welcome, I am so excited to have you reading. I've blogged about my journey from the beginning of this year, reflecting back on the last year of my raw journey. I began in January of 2007 and continue to learn so much every day and will be learning so much more as soon as this course arrives in the mail.

I will be writing some updates for the Divas and will of course update here in the blog about what I am learning and how I am using the information to help others!

Thank you to Jim at:

And to Tera and Amy from the Raw Divas.

You can check out their Raw Diva blog at:

and the Raw Moms blog at:

So there's some great reading for you!

Thanks again to the Divas Tera and Amy! Thanks to Jim for all his tireless work and amazing effort in getting this important course together so that the work of Ann Wigmore can live on.

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anonymous said...

Congratulations again! We're looking forward to seeing how you will learn from and share this great program!

All the best,


thriveonlive said...

Thanks Amy! I'm anxiously awaiting the arrival of the materials!