Saturday, January 19, 2008

Day Five - Daily Green Smoothies

I was woken up today around 8:30am. Another speedy start to the day. Had to get ready to take the kids to their music play class. Due to the rush I completely forgot to weigh in. Skin is clear but my scalp seems to have a couple of spots that are aggravated. Energy level was even keeled.

My right eye has been red and goopy a few mornings now, off and on. Not sure what that's all about. It is not itchy at all, just a little bloodshot and somewhat crusty. Maybe it's some detox happening? I used to get crusty eyes every day of my life until I was 17. When I was 18 months old my tear duct was operated on as I had such trouble with it being blocked and was on antibiotics often for the infections that happened due to this blockage. Then from that operation on I would have to wipe my eyes with a warm cloth every morning to get the gunk out. That happened until my last year in high school. I clearly remember walking with my eyes stuck shut, feeling my way down to the bathroom getting the cloth (still with my eyes closed) and soaking it in really hot water. Then apply it to my eyes until I could open them. It ended instantly, just after my 17th birthday. No explanation as to why but my doctor had always said I would outgrow it before I was 18. Weird how he knew that.

I love music class as the kids get to be creative, musically and in movement as well. Both kids have attended classes since they were infants and it's just such a part of our lives. if you would like to check them out.

Snow was coming down on the way out and on the way back. None was sticking in the lower altitudes, but the hills around our area are quite white now. The sun decided to make its presence known around mid afternoon. It was nice to see it again. I really do miss the sun and feel lucky that I can drink my sunshine when the sun isn't around to bless me with it's light!

My first green smoothie of the day was at 12:30pm

3 bananas
1 cup blueberries
2 tbsp. flax oil
1/3 tub of spring greens
2 tbsp honey
2 cups of water

This was the best blueberry one I have made yet. It was so tasty. Probably the honey that I added to was almost too sweet for me, if that's at all possible! It was more like a deep purple smoothie. I could not believe how vibrantly purple it became as it whizzed around in the Vitamix. I'll try to post a photo of it when I download the pix from the camera.

My energy levels have been good today. I have accomplished a lot around the house and played with the kids. I really find a huge improvement in my patience and all round attitude about things right now. There's a positive vibe inside that I am feeling and enjoy it immensely. Things are flowing nicely. I have so much more patience with my kids. I know I have mentined this before, but even they are commenting on how I don't raise my voice anymore. It's true, I am patient, and talk to them calmly and it has made a world of difference in our home. They are happier, we have less crying and they are far more willing to help out around the house because they see me working so hard to keep things neat and tidy. When there is a mess I don't tell them to clean up but ask them to help put 5 things away and they do it!

More and more people are asking questions about how I eat and I am really enjoying helping a few people with ideas and suggestions and support about how they can incorporate more raw foods into their diet. It is important though, when you do decide to make a change in how you live and eat that you talk to you doctor about your choices. Some may have alternative practitioners that they feel more comfortable talking to and that's great. Just remember to listen to you body and do what feels right for you, no matter what you read, hear and see. You know your body best and you are the one who knows how to make it feel it's best.

Just jump in and try a green smoothie today! Any addition of greens and fruits to you diet can help you feel better. A friend of mine who has been trying to eat more raw foods told me today that only after a week of eating more raw how much better she feels. It's amazing how quickly this great feeling courses through the body when it's getting fed exactly what it needs.

Dinner was avocado mash. I mash up an avocado and put in grape tomatoes and some lemon juice and a dash of celtic sea salt. It's great. I also had a piece of raw pecan pie. I am not hungry and it's approaching 8pm so I am not sure I'll get in a second smoothie today. I am not that hungry eating this way, especially with the smoothies I feel my hunger is truly abated. My sweet cravings came about today, and I tried to take care of that with the honey in the smoothie earlier today and then I also had the raw pecan pie. Better choices than what I would have chosen to eat a year ago but still a lot of heavy food for one day.

Energy levels are still good. Going out with the main squeeze tonight. Kids get some quality Nana time.

Go Green.

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