Friday, January 18, 2008

Day Four - Daily Green Smoothies

Another bang of a start to the day, at least I got some sleep last night as I went to bed around midnight and didn't wake up until 7:20am. Quite a late sleep in for me, but felt good when I woke up. Had a meeting at 8am so rushed around to get to work on time.

Started the day like this:

Weight 137.5, so I am down another .5 of a pound. That's a total loss of 2.5 lbs in 4 days.
Skin: clear today, except that the skin on my hands is extremely dry. Skin conditions can be due to detox, but I am not sure about this one. Is it because I am spending so much time washing greens, and blenders and my hands are in the water more. I will have to see how it goes. The weather has also been very dry this last three days.
Feeling: woke up with lots of energy today, no headaches or other adverse conditions that I have noticed.

Ate an apple around 10am

Smoothie number one I ate at 12:15pm. It was so tasty! Adding flax oil makes the smoothie so much more smooth, I really like it that way.

3 bananas
1 cup frozen strawberries
1/3 tub of greens
2 cups of water
2 tbsp flax oil

Blended and enjoyed while reading over my mail for the day.

At work I had some young coconut meat at 3pm. What I do is bring in a food each week for the students to try. They know how I choose to eat and most can't get over that I can do without french fries and traditional chocolate bars on a daily basis. The students were excited about trying the coconut milk and meat. We all tried the milk during class (some were more receptive to it than others). Most tried it but there was a lot of fanfare around the whole thing.

After class some of the kids stayed to try the coconut meat. They thought it didn't taste too badly. Some actually enjoyed it quite a bit but figured their parents would not buy it for them. I wonder why they would think this. What parent would say no to buying a new food that's good for them?! I would love it if my kids came home saying that they would like to try a new healthy food. Maybe parents themselves are not open to trying new foods, we tend to get comfortable in what we know and rarely venture outside of that box. Hopefully though I will have enough of an impact on some of these kids that they start to think about what they are putting in their mouth instead of eating it out of habit.

It was a book club night. I had my second smoothie around 5:30pm.

2 bananas
1/3 tub of baby greens
2 tbsp flax oil
1 cup frozen strawberries
2 cups of water

I have certainly found a few favourites. In my second week I am going to try and branch out use some different recipes that I find in books, and on the internet. It is good to rotate what you eat so that you get all the nutrients your body needs.

I made raw pecan pie from the RAWvolution book by Matt Amsden.


2 cups raw almonds processed to a meal
1/3 cup raw agave nectar added and then processed into a "dough"

Filling: I have doubled the recipe from his book as I found I liked having more filling.

2/3 cup young coconut water
1 cup raisins
1/2 cup pecans

Blend in Vitamix until it's a smooth consistency then pour into crust and garnish with a few raw pecans. I usually refrigerate it so that the filling is more gelled.

Some of the ladies at book club tried it and I think a couple liked it.

I did feel a little bloated after eating a huge salad and then that dessert. That's a lot of food for my small stomach. I do find I need less to eat when eating so well. My body isn't searching for it's nutrients, it's actually getting them instead.

Went to bed around 1am.

Eat well.

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