Wednesday, January 23, 2008

Day Nine - Daily Green Smoothies

Sunshine in my tummy makes me full....with all these green smoothies going down so well, I am rarely hungry for anything else!

Weight stable at 138lbs. I am 5 foot 7, not sure if I mentioned that before.
Skin - great, noticing it seems almost like I have a slight tan. That's possibly because of the sunshine we've had this week or the sunshine in my tummy!
Feeling - full of energy, not tired at all. Getting up without a problem, even after being up with a sick kid all night.

Speaking of sick kids. Mine seem to be well when they eat the terrible diet of "Christmas time" but are sick when I have them eat raw until noon and then vegan meals after that. Rarely do they have sugar. In fact sugar intake usually causes a runny nose for them and they have started to make this connection. The same goes for any dairy they ingest, be it at a party or when we eat out - we are more lenient at those times and hope the kids make good choices. My daughter even said she likes "rice cheese" better than regular cheese now. Now all I have to do is get her to like the seed cheeses and we've got it made! I am sure that their little bodies are trying to rid themselves of all the yuck they have collected in their young lives but still it is a little disappointing when you think you are doing things right and this is the outcome...

I am always trying to test my immunity to colds etc. I will drink from their water bottles, and eat off their spoon when they are sick to see if I get anything. So far, since being 90-100% raw I have not had a cold or flu. I believe that even if I did get a cold or flu that it would be much less of an issue and be over sooner. I would also think it was detox, and not a cold/flu, especially if no one else in the house experienced the same thing.

Didn't eat much today as I was so full with smoothie there was no need for anything else.

I had one smoothie at 11am

2 bananas
6 leaves of kale
half a pineapple
2 cups of water

Drinking my sunshine, oh ya.

Walked in Kits with a friend of ours who just had a baby. What a sweetie that little one is. The sun was out and although it was cold, it was invigorating to walk outside! The kids thought it was a little cold, but did well.

At home I had raw ice cream. Take frozen bananas and berries and put them through the Champion Juicer. This is one of my kids' favourites. I fed it to them around 4pm and I also had about a cup and a half of it too.

Smoothie number two was at 6pm.

2 bananas
1/3 tub of mixed spring greens tub
1/2 pineapple
2 cups of water.

This made a whopping seven cups of smoothie. My kids weren't interested, they had their dinner and I drank about five cups and gave the other two to my parents when I visited them.

Great day in general. I did feel some frustration with my youngest, who is not at all pleasant when he's sick. My daughter was a gem tonight, but very emotional. It's going to be an interesting night with both of them sick so I am going to get into bed early and read some more of "The China Study". If you haven't checked this book out yet, you must!

Ok. Be well. Goodnight.

If you're up and want to read something about someone doing a raw vegan diet for 30 days, check out Steve Pavlina's blog.

I have enjoyed some of his recipes and reading his daily blurb about his experience going raw.

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