Monday, January 28, 2008

Day Ten through Fourteen - Daily Green Smoothies


As you can see I haven't been here much this last five days. My sweet Grandma passed on last night and the week leading up to this has been an emotional one. We knew that she was leaving us, we just didn't know when. I finally got to see her last night and was with her when she left us. I can't go into detail right now, but I know she could hear what we said to her and I know that there's something else out there. She had a conversation with God and decided that 11pm last night was her curtain call. She's now reunited with my Grandpa and they are playing piano and singing together again.

I've stayed on my smoothies through all of this and I really think they have given me the strength to get through it all. I have still had less hair loss, no more weight loss, that's evened out and I have fluctuated between 138 to 140 all week. Hungry less, that is for sure but is that the smoothies or the stress? I am sure I have dealt with the events of the last week better than I would have, had I been eating a standard Canadian diet.

My father was in the hospital yesterday with a suspected heart attack. He suffered one about 7 years ago and smartened up for a couple of years...but with time so went his efforts. Bootcamp kept him active for a the last couple years, but even that he lost interest in this last ten months. We began Sun Run training together just a week ago. Turns out it wasn't a heart attack but a gentle nudge (more like push) in the right direction. He goes to see a heart specialist soon.

My brother in law is experiencing a fever of 102 to 104 degrees F. There seems to be no real reason and it's been a week. What is causing this I wonder? He isn't into Doctors or meds, so is trying to do things naturally but finally saw a Doctor today but still no explanation was found. Yikes.

What I wonder is if I could convince my father to go raw for 30 days, if he could get off his meds. If my brother in law went raw for a week, I bet he'd see marked improvements and if he was raw for 30 days, he'd feel so great he'd never look back! He's already vegan, so half the work is already done. I have been modelling this type of eating for a year now and still they see how much it's done for me but are unwilling to do something for themselves. I know that they have to find their way here themselves, and I am just a beacon in the distance for them. Hopefully with these health issues they will begin to take notice and start to add more raw foods into their diets. One can only hope.

The knot I have had in my stomach for three weeks - not sure if I have mentioned it here, I thought it was just something that I had acquired over time - finally let go this morning. I was doing my breathing exercises and massaged it and it just left. I was so relieved. It's been there since before Christmas and I didn't know why. Stress works on us in many different ways. Being raw can help to alleviate a lot of the body's stresses, but it can't do it all. Lifestyle and the stresses we are exposed to are such a huge factor in how our body will function and feel.

Feeling peaceful tonight, enjoyed a great bunch of smoothies. The check out lady thinks I am nuts buying so many bananas! Little does she know that is just my two or three day supply and that I get the next bunch somewhere else. I am trying to put in more greens and less bananas as time goes on and I don't need it to be as sweet.

Got Greens?

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