Tuesday, January 15, 2008

Day One - Daily Green Smoothies

I was so excited to get started with daily green smoothies that I was up without the alarm this morning. Seems just thinking about green smoothies has given me more energy! Usually I don't eat much early in the day. I drink mostly water in the mornings and then eat just fruit after 11am until I get into heavier and denser foods in the afternoon. That wasn't the case though, today.

In Victoria Boutenko's study, the participants drank one quart of green smoothie a day. My goal is to drink two quarts of green smoothie a day. Really I'll be blending two of my meals each day, as they can be very filling!

Here's how I started the day:

Weight 139.5 lbs.
Smooth skin

Due to a dentist appointment I ate earlier than normal. My first green smoothie of the day. It was about 9:45am when I drank it. Delicious. Here's what I put in: (All are raw and organic unless otherwise stated)

3 bananas
1 cup of frozen strawberries
1 bunch of black leafed kale
1/3 of a box of organic baby greens
2 cups of water

Blended it into a deliciously green smoothie. So while I am drinking this my kids start to take interest in what I am eating. They were snacking on mango and bananas at the time. Well, I couldn't keep them away from it. They LOVED the green smoothie! I teased them saying "Don't drink all my smoothie!!" They then sipped even more up the straw. Then they were both trying to get more. Good thing I made five cups, as they drank one and I got to have the other four, keeping with my "Quart" quota.

I went to the washroom a lot this morning. Lots of liquid in...but also some colon cleansing as well. I won't go into detail though!

Usually I am quite nervous at the dentist office, I don't like the chemicals that are used and sometimes get a headache from the smell in the office. I did notice the smell right away, but didn't get the headache. I also usually refuse x-rays and flouride as I am not a big fan of either. If I continue to eat right, and eat lots of greens then I feel I don't need these things. Anyhow, got a cleaning and wasn't nervous at all. The kids did amazing as well.

I didn't get hungry until after 2pm so that's when I had my second smoothie.

2 bananas
1 cup frozen blueberries
1/3 tub of baby greens
2 cups of water

Again, the kids were begging for me to let them drink to their hearts content. They left their lunch behind after about a half cup each of this smoothie. They loved it. I'm so thrilled that they are excited about drinking these. My daughter never tried one before today and my son only like it if there was pineapple. Today both have gone outside their zone and loved it.

We had such a smooth day today. Life was great, positivity all round. The kids played well, they ate raw veggies before dinner. My daughter ate plain celery, which I have never seen before. My husband didn't drink any green smoothie today, but he went to the store looking for snack food - Nacho chips, and pop - and came home with nothing. He had them in his hand and then chose to put them back and came home, ate raw almonds and some fruit. Not the greatest combination he tells me - something I talk about a lot with my own meals. Look at all the positive changes already and we're on day one of these smoothies...

It's 11:15 pm. I am alert, wakeful and full of energy. I noticed a couple of things today. I went to the washroom more than my usual number of times. I had what looked like a burn on top of my hand (same thing and place I got during my juice fast in Sept.) for about 4 hours. It is no longer there. I had a mild headache in the mid afternoon, but it wasn't hardly noticeable and went after I ate dinner. For diner I had one avocado mashed with a handful of grape tomatoes, half a cucumber chopped up, with some celtic sea salt and lemon. I didn't go to the cupboard for a "honey lollipop" (scoop of honey on a spoon). I had some figs and raw ice cream as a snack in the evening. Much better choices than usual for me. Looking forward to day two tomorrow. I'm off to start reading "The China Study".

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