Wednesday, January 7, 2009

Decluttering My Space

There are many areas of our life where decluttering is needed. If my home is not tidy and clutter free, I am not a happy person. I am downright cranky! We all get hurt on toys not picked up, trip over bags that weren't put away, and a number of our dishes were broken this last few weeks due to the untidy space in the kitchen.

My son told my mom today that his room was full of space. He'd been socked in with all of our Christmas boxes and it is heartwarming that he appreciates his space, but at the same time, heart wrenching to know that it must have been bothering him subconsciously before then.

Since Christmas, all the decorations have been taken down, routine is back in our lives, every room has gone through a major decluttering and tidying and we are all breathing easier because of it. In fact, my son is even sleeping better and behaving better as well. Nothing else has changed but the routine and tidy spaces. This speaks volumes to me.

My daughter and son love to play in the new space created in our family room. Everyone is making an effort to keep our space clean. The only thing is, to keep it clean and declutter like I want to is cutting into my beauty sleep. Usually late to bed and early to rise, recently it's been very late to bed and somewhat later to rise. This is problematic when you want to accomplish something in the morning before the kids wake up. 15 minutes at a time I keep telling myself, but once I start a project I want to finish it. There are two items still on the to do list for decluttering...the house's storage areas (and we have many!) and my scrapbooking desk. I have not kept it tidy in over 3 years...since my son was born, I do not believe I have scrapped a single day!

So, with small steps I'll be digging through what's in the storage and on that desk. Is there a space in your home that you'd like to reclaim and feel it's a lost cause? Just take 15 minutes right now and tidy and declutter. You'll be amazed that if you do this consistently for a month you will have a new, clutter free space for yourself. Your energy will rise, you'll be happier and no longer cranky and unhappy.

I feel so much lighter now and hope that you will too.

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