Thursday, January 15, 2009

Dental Issues

This is a topic most raw foodists want to steer clear of. Many people talk about the fact that a lot of raw foodists tend to have teeth problems. It seems that most problems in this area tend to be in the fruititarian category of raw food eating but in all raw food areas there seems to be some mention of trouble with teeth.

I've had a tooth that's had multiple fillings, fill ins, because it was mishapen, and basically had lots of work done on it in the past. For some reason the fillings never took in this particular tooth (I subscribe to the white fillings, not mercury ones (amalgam)). I noticed shortly after having my son almost four years ago that this tooth seemed a little grey in colour but my dentist never mentioned anything when I went in for my regular checkups, so I thought that it was fine.

Well, in the last month I've had some very minor pain associated with it. I wonder just what may be causing that but figured I'd get a dentist appointment when I could...which never materialized until I had to call them yesterday. I was eating some absolutely delicious gRAWnola from Real Raw Food (where I order most of my raw nuts, seeds and such), when I bit down on an almond and it felt like I split my tooth in half! It was all still there, and I made it through my work day, barely, and then fasted from 3pm on. I actually fasted on water and tea for just over 26 hours, and it made a world of difference in how I felt.

So I called the dentist - I still see a traditional one but am looking into finding a holistic doctor. I find everyone is trying to sell you something these days and just want to be able to figure it out somehow myself! Anyways, I went in today and this is basically what happened:

OK. I am nervous going in, not knowing what to expect. Knowing they have to take x-rays...I have three done. Side note: I haven't had any x-rays for six years - although I go for a check up every six month- since I was preganant with my first child...didn't want any x-rays while preggers or nursing. They talk the whole time about how safe X rays are now and that there are no issues with them, etc. The whole time they kept telling me this, over and over again! Whatever. I am not really buying that.

This dentist today, is not my usual one but the partner of my usual dentist. So then he talks to me, does a cold test, tap test, bite test, etc. Seems one side is more sensitive to the tooth than the other so figures it's a crack in the tooth that's happened. Says that he has to freeze me and asks when I was last frozen. I said I had three small holes filled in my teeth in the summer of 2007...with no freezing. He was amazed that I did it without freezing. Actually it wasn't so bad.

Anyhow, I'm in a hurry because I have to pick up the kids in an hour but he said he'd have me out in no time...this is all before he got the films back from the freezes me up with two vials of the stuff - have I mentioned how much I hate chemicals in my body?! No adverse reaction from what I can tell so far. Freezing is all out of the mouth area now, of course...but how long does it remain in the body?!

WELL, the x-ray comes back and his original assumption is terribly wrong. Sits me up and has to tell me that I'm going to lose the tooth. (So now I've had freezing I didn't have to have, for a procedure that now did not have to happen!! I am NOT happy about this, that's for sure!) I'm also a freak of nature! It seems that my body is reabsorbing my nerve and tooth...he described little pac man men going around chomping it up. Says that if I'd had x-rays sooner that they could have stopped it in time...of course, x-rays. The tooth has been discoloured for years but my dentist had never suggested that we check it out so I thought nothing of it as there was no pain. It's not decay, it's something different. It is just something that he has rarely, if ever seen at his practice before. The dental assistant had also never seen it, ever. He said it was a "presentation worthy" dental situation. Very rare.

SO, what I'm wondering is maybe the tooth is completely dead, and could a new one be growing in, could the disconnected roots be the start of something new coming up? Just wishful thinking perhaps, as he is talking major dental surgery, a tooth implant. He said that the crown, if they were to do one would be a lifetime commitment for the other two perfect teeth and would not last a lifetime, whereas the implant would.

Do you have any information regarding implants? Issues surrounding implants? know of patients who've had them and their experience? Medical grade titanium, is it safe? Of course he's all for it, and tells me it's what they use in hip replacements and such, so it's been around a while I suppose. Still need to do my own research on that.

So he is going to refer me to an implant specialist to get the ball rolling. In the meantime I have to chew on the right side, and not clinch my teeth (which I do often!).

And, there's my story. I really think this problem started many, many years ago and is not related to how I eat now. I probably would have lost the tooth a lot sooner had I been eating the traditional, standard diet. Actually, I am sure of that. Perhaps they could have saved it if I'd done x-rays sooner? We'll never know but hopefully everything is as it should be and this is where I'm supposed to be at this moment!

NEVER a BORING moment,


ps. I'm going to eat low sugar, that seems to help. I'll also do the salt water and probiotic rinses as well that my naturopath has suggested to do. I'll keep you up to date on the happenings surrounding this. It also reminds me of a blog by Heidi Ohlander, she's got major dental issues and has been very outspoken and honest about them. You can see her story here, and you have to scroll down about three quarters of the page and you'll see her video screen...she has pink hair, it's hard to miss! My dental story is minor compared to this one!

Eat Raw, Live Well (and remember to brush and floss and get regular dental check ups...find a holistic dentist if you can!)


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