Saturday, January 3, 2009

It's been a year - changing of the seasons

Today was the most amazing day ever!

Today was thick with snow, from the moment we woke up until the time we put the kids down to bed. It snowed so much, all day long. I really do like the snow and had no other plans today except to host a brunch and take down the Christmas decorations.

Brunch was great. Tempting food all around...but I resisted temptation, and had apples with cinnamon and some agave. There's a lot of talk around agave at the moment, but I use it so little hopefully there is no ill effect.

After brunch we got the kids outside and played in the back yard, unearthing some of their toys that had been buried in the snow, then did some shoveling out front and then we went for a walk to find a good hill nearby to do some sledding on our crazy carpets. We had an absolute ball. I haven't seen smiles on my kids faces so big in a long time, not even on Christmas day. It's true that the best thing you can give your kids is your time. I'll be doing a lot more of that in the new year as my daughter is always talking about wanting to be a baby again because I spent more time with her then. Nothing like a mirror being put up in front of you for you to take notice of your actions. That's why a lot of my posts will be in the evening, once the kids go to bed. I would like to spend less time at the computer when they are awake.

We also took a long walk along the river nearby and also walked to the lake and saw it frozen over mostly with some ducks looking for handouts! The snow was coming down in torrents the whole time and it was such a winter wonderland. I am so happy that my toe had healed enough for me to go out and play in the snow today.

I love the changing of the seasons. I told my hubby today that I would miss the seasons if we went to live somewhere tropical. Perhaps not at first, but eventually. I love the west coast of Canada, it has all four seasons and we are experiencing them in such a great way this last while. This past fall was the most mild, sunny fall we've had in ages. This winter has proven to be quite snowy so far! I am sure spring and summer are also going to be great!

Better get myself to bed, time to get back on "work" hour sleep times now.

Snowy dreams to you all...
Where would you like to live? Are you living there now? If not, what can you do to get yourself there soon? Think about that for 15 min. today and take action!

Eat Raw, Live Well,


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