Monday, June 29, 2009

Back Yard Edible Forest Garden begins!

Wow! What a day! Spent most of the day outside today. My weight stayed the same this week. Goals for week to come is to eat from garden more to save money, no sweeteners - honey, agave etc. less nuts/seeds. This has to be the answer to my weight loss, less fat! We were gifted a whole lot of plants from my brother-in-love. I cannot believe he's giving all of these to us! Three fig trees, mini kiwi tree, strawberry plants, wild cranberry plants, comfrey, and more that I cannot think of immediately. I am overwhelmed at their generosity! So he came to drop them off and ended up helping us prune two huge trees in our backyard...well he ended up in the trees for 8 hours! I also spent time thinning out our garden, as so many seeds sprouted there and we have many mini plants. I ate out of the garden all afternoon long...kale sprouts, some beet leaves, some lettuce, and some strawberries. I had woken up with a headache after eight hours of sleep so didn't actually eat anything until after noon. Water fasted all morning long and the headache was gone by noon. That's when the garden noshing began! Made a green smoothie later in the afternoon from blueberries, bananas, young kale leaves, and two apples. Shared that with the monkey in the tree! We were outside ALL day today and it was so energizing. I also went barefoot (unless it was dangerous - only about a half hour today) almost the entire day. That too was energizing. I LOVE my feet on the earth, it's so grounding! In more ways than one! This evening I ate a Lara bar and two of Bunny's brownies. Then I made a recipe of Storm Talifero's raw strawberry shortcake and ate two servings! It was SO good! The youtube video is here. Argh. Should have stayed outside out of the kitchen and in the garden! :) The trees look amazing and alive now, not dead wood all over. My dream of a backyard edible forest garden has begun. This has been something I wanted since we moved in here six years ago. The learning curve is steep, but I'm enjoying every barefoot step! This week is dedicated to turning our simple backyard into an amazing, whimsical edible forest garden...

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