Saturday, June 27, 2009

Dancing while I clean!

Got through my father-in-love's birthday party tonight. My father-in-love and mother-in-love are very much SAD eaters and not too open to eating anything raw except some salad and will periodically try something I've made to be polite. They are resistant to my way of eating and scared crazy that I'll make my children eat this way consistently. They do undermine me with the treats and such and I find it very frustrating (they are part time caregivers while I work part time)...but we're working towards a better understanding for them about this way of life. SO, the dinner, my husband made, but I made a huge salad, as well as a raw dessert for those who would like to partake in a healthier eating experience. Here's what I ate today: June 27, 2009: Bunny Berry's raw brownie, (had two small squares) Lots of water Lots of tea - acai berry an apple HUGE salad for dinner - although I shared with the others! Three heads romaine lettuce two apples cut up 1/4 cup cashews 2 tbsp hemp seed 1 container of pea shoots with dressing: (from Brendan Brazier) 4 tbsp. Vega antioxidant oil 2 tbsp. agave 1 tbsp. apple cider vinegar 1 tbsp. stone ground mustard sea salt and pepper to taste. 2 more raw Bunny Berry Brownies! Yum! My kids were scrambling over each other to have more, lick the spatula, and everything. They kept asking to be my test tasters. Love it! My son especially liked it and he's not one for anything "raw", so very excited that he loved the recipe. Had a blast cleaning the kitchen floor today. Got our fuzzy socks on, got a bin of warm soapy water, soaked our socks and skated around the kitchen floor. The kids thought I'd gone off the deep end, but saw me smiling and we danced to "Blessed" by Brett Dennen while we cleaned that floor! Very uplifting song and experience!


dyanna said...

I like your blog.I'm waiting for your new posts.

thriveonlive said...

Thanks Dyanna! It is very inspiring to know that readers appreciate reading my blog! I've been super motivated recently because of the Raw Rehab group I have been involved with. Keep reading, I'm trying to post a few times a week and will include recipes and tips and such.