Tuesday, June 2, 2009

Getting the message out

Getting the message out to a larger audience is not as easy as I thought it would be.  Here I am, having read over 50 books on the topic, taken the Creative Health Institute's home study course, completed the Raw Food Nutrition 1 Course, completed a raw food chef course as well as having taken numerous courses and been on many informative calls on the internet.  Because I am not a registered dietician I cannot speak at a local rec centre about health and raw food nutrition.

SO, it's about doing this myself.  I keep thinking it'll get easier but have yet to experience that when it comes to getting the word out about raw and living foods.  Of course I speak to my students, parents, community, etc. about these things but more people need to know about this way of life and just what it can do for your body!

I'm working on the yahoo group still, being a perfectionist, I want time to make it just right!  I am still working on the book, so that too will help...but unless you're a published writer, or have mainstream certifications you will not be able to go the mainstream route.

It'll manifest just as it's supposed to but this is the best motivation I've had for a while now.  I don't like being told "no".  Have you ever been in this position?  How did you deal with it?  Did you just sit back and think "Well, it wasn't meant to happen" and give up?  Or did it motivate you like it has motivated me.  15 min. a day will change the world one small increment at a time.

Be bold!
Eat Raw, Live Well!


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