Monday, June 22, 2009

Happy Father's Day and Happy First Day of SUMMER!

Wishing all the Dads out there a very happy and wonderful Father's Day. This last few days has been challenging! We've attended many functions and I've managed to stay 100% raw! I have not put a morsel of cooked food into my body for the entire duration of this experiment! It is really great for my self esteem as I tend to berate myself when I eat cooked, let alone some of the cooked food choices I was making before this group.

Here's What I've eaten this last couple of days:

Friday June 19th, 2009:

2 litres of water (8 cups)
pint of strawberries
2 apples
1 banana

Huge salad for lunch with raw dressing
Romaine lettuce

Snack - avocado with sprinkle of sea salt
Dinner - avocado in a salad of romaine lettuce with raw dressing
Snack - bowl of grawnola with cashew milk

Stopped eating at 7:15pm
No exercise today

Saturday June 20th, 2009:

1.5 litres of water (8 cups)

Raspberries and strawberries for breakfast - big bowl

Bowl of grawnola with cashew milk for lunch

Lots of veg and fruit at a kids' birthday party.

Green juice (YAY!):
pea shoots
alfalfa sprouts
black kale (whole bunch)
one cuke
three stalks of celery

Dinner: macadamia nut butter with hemp seed and raisins on celery

Snack: another bowl of grawnola (seems to be my go to food right now!)

Stopped eating at 8pm...latest I've eaten in a week!

No exercise today. :(

Sunday June 21st, 2009:

2 bananas for breakfast
fruit salad (raspberries, pineapple, watermelon, grapes, blackberries, on a bed of tossed organic greens with freshly squeezed oranges as dressing)
Also had some carrots on the side.

That was at the restaurant we went to for our brunch with the extended family. It is SOOOO tempting to want to eat so many of the items at a buffet. I think that was the most expensive salad I've ever eaten! :) I was able to enjoy what I ate even though I miss the other food I felt light and not overstuffed like the others, when we left. Even my kids were eating lots of fruit and not much of the other fillers. They did have dessert and some sweets, but nothing like what I've seen them eat before!

Snack: macadamia, hemp seed, celery combo again with a few raisins sprinkled in. (Loving this combo right now...)

Dinner: large salad - romaine, spinach, raw dressing, avocado and alfalfa sprouts

Snack: macadamia nut butter swirled with grawnola, and banana and a tbsp. honey.

Stopped eating at 8pm tonight. The weekends seem to be later for eating, will note that and try to end eating earlier in the day on the weekends. 7pm seems to work on weekdays for me, as hard as it is I don't get hungry until about 11pm or 11:30pm so then it's bedtime and there's no worry.

Great energy today (June 22nd)

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