Friday, July 3, 2009

Blood, Sweat and Tears...let me explain...

Quite an emotional day here today.

Blood = from my son's head.

Sweat = mine from working so hard on the back yard garden.

Tears = mine, my son's and my daughter's.

First here's what I ate:

4 litres of water

1 apple, one plum

Blender shake: 1 tbsp. maca, 1tbsp. cacao, 1 banana, 2 cups water, 5 strawberries, 1 scoop of sproutein. Didn't taste great so you may want to adjust if you try this one...

Coconut water from one young thai coconut. 1.5 cups

I can't believe that's all that I ate today?!

Spent the WHOLE day outside digging, shoveling, wheelbarrowing soil, building up the beds for the edible garden. I will not need to work out this weekend!

Now, let's get into the Blood, Sweat and Tears portion of our day...

Blood from my son's head - this happened twice today! First he was climbing on my friends' wheelbarrow while she was busy helping out and fell out of it, hitting his head on the cement patio. No concussion, and no abnormal tiredness or tingling so we waited it out. Then an hour later he was rolling around on the grass out front and when he got up, bashed his cheek, beside his eye on the wheelbarrow again! Magnet!

Sweat - I got an amazing workout today...Outside working from 9am until 7:30pm. We took a half hour break twice in the day. My clothing was soaked so I soaked in a long shower and a bath afterwards. Sipping my coconut water which was diluted with water.

Tears - My son's, due to his two injuries! Mine and my daughter's tears were due to the news from the dental visit she and my son had today. NOT good news, many cavities. I'm in shock and dismay. I do not use flouride toothpaste and my husband has placed the blame on me for this news. My kids are not raw, they eat all types of foods, but we are very strict at home about a whole food diet. They do not eat much sugar at all, except fruit sugar. They have fruit for breakfast every day and for a snack each day in the afternoon. We brush two to three times a day and floss every night. Has anyone had this type of situation happen to them? Their kids? How can I turn the situation around?!? My husband is adamant that we now use flouride toothpaste every time they brush. I am very against this but he believes that my no flouride way has gotten us into the situation that we have now. I'm sure that it's not the only factor but it's hard to argue against this when my husband is so mainstream! So my day has been one of many ups and downs.

The garden beds are ready, but the plants have yet to be planted. I'll include some pictures when it is all done.

One positive is that when I'm stressed, I usually eat and eat and eat. I managed to eat very little today because I was SO busy in the yard. Felt very grounding working out there in the beautiful sunshine with a great friend who was amazing to have with me and helped support me with the issues that arose today.

Thanks for reading my rant. Looking forward to a fresh new day tomorrow!

Eat raw, live well (remember to brush your teeth!)

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