Wednesday, July 8, 2009


I've been playing a lot with honey in the past few years and truly enjoy it and feel that it does have amazing qualities...however, I am Winnie-the-Pooh when it comes to honey. Once my honeypot is open, I like to have more than a small smackeral of it! My waist starts to expand and before you know it I'm wearing yellow with red! I also think that honey has something to do with my kids' teeth issues! I give them natural vitamins with natural sweeteners instead of the pills made from synthetic chemicals and chemical sweeteners. I also found out two months ago that the toothpaste that we've been using for about a year and a half was sweetened with honey. How I missed that on the list of ingredients all that time I am unsure...however, now we've got major tooth issues to deal with. Of course I see everything that happens through the eyes of "food", while my husband is very traditional in his thinking (we used non flouride toothpaste, so that must be the reason) while my mother in love (feeling more like "law" these days!?!) feels that we are doing our kids a disservice by not feeding them milk and milk products. She feels that they are calcium deficient and that's why they have cavities. No matter the reason, we need to deal with this and it's going to cost a lot of money and time not to mention the trauma to the poor wee ones! We need to re-examine what we've been doing and change things (already changed the toothpaste, anyone know of a good natural toothpaste with flouride - we're going to brush with it once a day to help the teeth for now). We are trying to use this situation as a learning experience, and hopefully we'll all come out of it better people! Tuesday July 7, 2009: Yoga and Breathing exercises Lots of water, 1 litre before 10am apple macadamia nut butter - 1 tbsp. two raw bliss spheres from Nature's World - date, carob, coconut, cinnamon. Went out to dinner for anniversary to a cute restaurant called "Wilbur and Sebastian's". Wilbur for the pig in Charlotte's Web and Sebastian is the lobster in Little Mermaid. It's a cute place, the owner was raw for about six weeks she told me but could not continue, found it too hard to do. They do homestyle cooking, everything is fresh and most is husband's back was hurting badly so he was in so much pain he could hardly eat! Poor guy! I keep telling him to go raw, maybe it would help but alas, it hasn't happened so far! Amazing tea at "Cafe Divine" and even bought some it was so good, reminded me of spiced mulled wine or apple cider! With honey of course! :) Had huge salad that they made especially for me. Nice! Mixed greens, red onion, pumpkin seeds, sunflower seeds, tomatoes, cucumber. Oh and a glass of wine... Had about 2 litres of water total today. Exercise, housework only. Wednesday, July 8, 2009: Today at 12:34:56 07/08/09 was a neat time, I was somewhere on public transit I believe, went on a "field trip" with the kids today!) to see dinosaur exhibit. Only 1 litre of water today Apple raw bar mini carrots Bliss Sphere Huge salad: mixed greens, spinach, broccolini, pea shoots, clover sprouts with the vega oil dressing. Bliss Sphere with 1 tbsp. of macadamia nut butter Camomile tea at Cafe Divine - LOVE their teas, they come from NY somewhere and are packaged here. YUM! The fat is creeping up again and I'm eating more emotionally this week so far as my daughter's specialist appointment for the dentist is tomorrow morning. I know that "all is well" and that everything will work out in the end, it is just the unknown that I focus on. Trying to focus on the positive and not have my emotions affect her or my son. They are troopers and I know they can do this with style! Now I just have to follow their lead! I'm off to bed early as it's an early wake up call. Cheers to our half way point, have we come that far already! Looking forward to the next five weeks, must find that book! It is not available new from our Canadian online book company, so will go looking! Night all!

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