Thursday, July 9, 2009

Uncomfortably Numb

That about describes how I'm feeling today. I'm having trouble feeling anything as I feel so numb. I'm shutting out feelings, and trying NOT to do it with food. Fasted on water (about a liter) until 4pm as I was too upset from news at the Dental Specialist this morning regarding my daughters teeth situation. 1 peach 1 bowl of strawberries 1 banana Ate two raw bars Salad - same as last night but with balsamic and olive oil. Seems my hemp oil, flax oil have gone off and my Vega oil is finished, until next week shopping. Macadamia/honey/grawnowla mixture. Currently feeling bloated, and numb. Gave my daughter a massage today, she's feeling my strain/stress, and is super worried as well. Here's a six year old who has never had a cavity and now has a mouthful. She's not a happy camper, but lives for the moment and seems only to be sad when I am. So I've decided not to be sad with her around, right this moment that's how it's gotta be so that she doesn't take on my emotions. Will not eat any more tonight. Stopped eating at 7:45pm. No exercise, although my heart rate has been high with stress all day. Perhaps I should go for a walk after I get the kids to bed. Hope you all had a better day. Looking to start fresh tomorrow morning with some yoga. Have to get those garden pix up as well this weekend! Good night to you all! Me.

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